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The sexy metal HTC One M8 is one stunner of a smartphone. So it's easy to see why you'd want to do everything possible to protect your new device. Thankfully, there is a wide variety of case options already available (or on the way). Whether you're looking for rugged protection or a kickstand to prop up your phone, these cases will have you covered. Here are the best cases for the HTC One M8.

Incipio Watson Wallet Folio

With Incipio's Watson Wallet Folio, your HTC One M8 can be the only thing you grab before running out of your house. Packing three card slots in a microsuede interior with a vegan leather cover, the front of the Watson also detaches to double as a stand. With an elastic band closure, the $44.99 case keeps your cards from falling out. Available in White/Teal or Black.

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HTC Dot View Case

HTC offers a case for the M8 that boasts special features other vendors can't provide. When your One M8 is covered with the Dot View, its face displays a dot-based lock screen that you can see through the case. This way, you can get alerts for missed calls, messages and voicemails along with battery status. You can also answer calls in this mode just by putting the phone to your ear. The $49 Dot View case also offers some protection against minor accidents, and comes in Baton Rouge, Imperial Blue, Orange Popsicle, Warm Black and Atlantis (green). 

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STM Harbour 2

You'll enjoy the new HTC One's stunning 5-inch 1080p display more if you could prop it up on a table, and STM's Harbour 2 lets you do just that. This case's hinged bottom portion folds out to act as a stand for your phone. A thermo polyurethane layer inside the case cushions your One, while its polycarbonate hard shell comes with a matte finish for fingerprint and scratch resistance. The Harbour 2 is available in Charcoal/Orange, Red/Charcoal and Black/Charcoal for $30.

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Otterbox Symmetry Series

Yes, the One M8 is gorgeous, but Otterbox's Symmetry case takes the phone's beauty to the next level by adding a pop of color. This one-piece wraparound bumper lets you protect your One without compromising its sleek profile, and raised edges keep your screen safe from drops. We especially love the Dreamy Pink flavor of the Symmetry case (starts at $39.95), which you can also get in Black, Glacier or Teal Rose. 

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Noreve Tradition

If you're looking to attach your HTC One M8 to your person without having to tuck it in your pocket, consider Noreve's HTC One Tradition leather case. The patented metal clip uses a "reinforced fixation system" so your phone remains firmly by your side. You can also rotate the clip 360 degrees, so you can keep your phone in any orientation you want. Available for $55 in 12 colors--including beige, pink, orange, lilac, black and white--this slim, padded case offers elegant protection for your One M8.

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Speck CandyShell Grip

The One M8's smooth aluminum exterior may make it slippery for some, so wrap your One in Speck's CandyShell Grip. The case features raised rubber ridges for a sure grip and sports a raised bezel to protect your screen from impact. These bumps also keep your phone from sliding on your dashboard or an inclined surface. A dual-layer design gives your phone added protection while still maintaining its slim shape. The CandyShell Grip is available in three colors - White/Black, Black/Slate and Beaming Orchid Purple/Revolution Purple -- for $34.95.

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Seidio Ledger Flip

Share your pictures and video on your HTC One M8 with your friends and family by using Seidio's Ledger case. The magnetic metal kickstand on the back props your One up in portrait or landscape mode, while a built-in slot lets you store your ID or credit cards. A slim flip cover offers privacy when you want to keep snooping passersby from seeing your notifications. Available in Dark Gray or Red, the Seidio Ledger will ship April 7 and costs $39.95.

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