Most Awesomely Weird USB Gadgets

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While the average USB port is saddled with the boring job of transferring data to and from devices or simply charging one of your devices, there is so much more that it could be achieving. From slippers that look like s'mores to mini missile launchers, we've rounded up a list of some of the most awesome and odd gadgets that either plug into USB ports or serve as USB ports.

S'Mores USB Heated Slippers


Sure, USB heated slippers have been around for a while, but USB heated slippers shaped like happy, smiling s'mores? These slippers are sized to fit anyone up to a men's 12 and, with nearly 5 feet of USB cord to play with, you can still kick your feet up while keeping your toes toasty. Detach the USB cable, and you can head around the house or office in these slippers until you are ready for s'more.


The Home Lie Detector Test


Is your child claiming to have already finished the chores? Spouse swears that he or she didn't consume that last piece of pie? Well, you'll know the truth soon enough (maybe!) with The Home Lie Detector Test. Once hooked up, this device will read your suspect's pulse and skin conductivity to determine whether he or she is speaking the truth, just like a full-blown polygraph. The results may not hold up in court, but they might just solve the mystery of the lemon meringue bandit.


Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger


Roads? Where you're going you don't ... well, no, you are still going to need roads, but what you aren't going to need is some plain little USB car charger. The Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger can't quite generate the 1.21 gigawatts necessary for time travel, but it will push either 1 amp or 2.1 amps to your devices, depending on which of the two available USB ports you plug in to.


Portal 2 Sentry Turret


Hey, hey, hey! There you are. I see you. Have you been having problems with desk security? I would like to offer my services as a state-of-the-art Sentry Turret Desk Defender! Powered by USB, I am able to offer a variety of useful services, such as disarming your office interloper with a variety of intimidating phrases. Should I be knocked over, I will bring that to your attention by vibrating and informing you of the critical error I am experiencing. Are you still there?


USB Mini Fridge

When you are hard at work or playing another marathon session of League of Legends, you can't be bothered to tear yourself away to get a delicious chilled beverage. But if you don't want to make the long trudge to the fridge, then will you just drink a lukewarm soda like some kind of animal? Of course not, because you have a free USB port and live in the future, where miracles like tiny soda-can-sized refrigerators are plentiful.


Hand Body Vibrating Office USB Massage Ball

If there's one guaranteed result of sitting at a computer for hours on end, it is that you will end up with a sore neck and/or back. Hiring a masseuse to keep you feeling loose and limber throughout the day is not practical for most people. But for less than $10, this vibrating massage ball can help refresh you enough to face the afternoon.


24 Port USB Monster Hub

After reading this list of awesome USB gadgets, you've probably surmised that you have a woefully insufficient number of USB ports available. Enter the cure: The 24 Port USB Monster Hub can be plugged into a USB port or standard AC power, depending on your needs. Unfortunately, all ports in this hub are USB 2.0 instead of the faster 3.0. If you find that you need more than 24 USB ports, you can daisy chain multiple 24 Port USB Monster Hubs, but you may want to seek out a support group for your USB device addiction.


Dr. Who Dalek Patrol Figure

Good morning, Dalek, this is your quarterly performance review, and we just have a few things we would like to discuss with you. First of all, your dedication to protecting this desk has been exemplary. As long as you are plugged into that USB port, you seem to be absolutely tireless in detecting any potential intruders. So again, just a bang-up job there. Now, we do feel that threatening to "Exterminate" those encroaching on the desk or making gun sounds at them is perhaps a bit much, but you were pretty clear about these feelings during your interview so we're willing to chalk it up as zeal for the job. Carry on.


USB Missile Launcher

Cubicle warfare can be a tough business. A single-rocket USB missile launcher used to be sufficient armament to win the day, but today's office warriors need the kind of firepower offered by this Dream Cheeky Missile Launcher, armed with four foam missiles. With a nearly 4-foot USB cable and up to 25 feet of firing range, you can rain foamed darts down upon your enemies from a safe distance before retreating for cover.


LED Clock Fan

A refreshing breeze and an easy-to-read reminder of the time while toiling away at the computer? Sign us up. The LED Clock Fan has a flexible metal neck to position it wherever you like, and the soft flexible PVC fan blades will keep you cool without endangering any extremities that come in contact with it. This gadget keeps time when it's off or on, so it will be ready to go every time you plug it in.

Lix 3D Pen

If drawing on paper has always felt like a confining experience to you, then the Lix 3D Pen is what you have been waiting for. With just a USB 3.0 port to power it, the pen will allow you to "sketch" objects in thin air using PLA or ABS filament. You have approximately two minutes of drawing time for each filament, but with a steady hand and a bit of artistic ability, you can use the pen to create beautiful script, jewelry, fine art or even custom T-shirts.

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