Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Cases Already Announced

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We have no clear idea what Apple’s next iPhone(s) will look or feel like, but that hasn’t stopped accessory makers from getting a jump on the competition. Hard Candy has unveiled a new line of smartphone cases that it says are made specifically for Apple’s rumored iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

The cases, dubbed Hard Candy's HarvestCraft Sliders, come in a slew of fall-themed colors and will sell for $39.95. The accessories don’t tell us too much about what the next iPhone will look like, but the cutout for the camera does look larger than usual. The space for the power button sits at the top of the case just above the camera and the volume key cutouts are along the side, which is consistent with Apple’s previous iPhones.

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What’s interesting, though, is that Hard Candy advertises its new HarvestCraft cases as accessories for both the purported iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S -- meaning that both phones could sport the same size dimensions. Hard Candy confirmed in an email to that they have not seen new Apple smartphones and have created these cases based on speculation. The company says that it has been correct in the past when designing iPhone cases prematurely.

Hard Candy is just one of several accessory vendors looking to get a head start on marketing cases for Apple’s upcoming smartphones. Earlier this summer iPhone 5C cases from Elago began popping up on Amazon, while a purported folio case for the 5C was leaked via Twitter on Wednesday.

We’ll learn more about what Apple has in store for its future products at its press event on Sept. 10. The pair of iPhones is rumored to hit stores on Sept. 20. 

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