7 Top Summer Gadgets for Exercise and Sports

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With summer comes great weather and bathing suit season, so everyone is eager to get in shape and spend more time outdoors. The following devices help you track your road to fitness, improve your athletic skills or just have a more enjoyable workout.

Finis Hydro Tracker GPS ($199)

Trying to improve your swimming technique? Finis’s Hydro Tracker GPS records your course in open water and provides online mapping and performance reporting. You can strap it onto your goggle straps or armband, and the Hydro Tracker features time-lapse animation for watching your workout through CSV, Facebook, Google Earth and Twitter.

FTR Systems Caddytrek ($1,595)

You’ll never need a human caddy again. FTR Systems’ Caddytrek receives a signal from a unit in your pocket and automatically rolls after you when you’re moving across the course. You can even use the remote to send the trolley ahead to the next hole while you grab a cool one. Caddytrek can track slopes and sensors track obstacles so it doesn’t get stuck, and its battery is good for 27 holes.

Gobandit LIVE ($429)

What could be cooler than nailing a cool skateboarding move or bike stunt? Sharing it online instantly, obviously. Gobandit’s LIVE HD helmet cam lets you shoot and share 1080p video, then upload to the Web instantly with built-in Wi-Fi. The waterproof cam also records position, speed and acceleration, and can track your heart rate with an ANT device. If you’re not feeling the helmet, it can be mounted to a bike or car.

JayBird Sportsband Headphones ($99)

Working out to music is great, but wires just get in the way. JayBird’s Sportsband Headphones eliminates cable tangles using a Bluetooth system with integrated controls and a concealed mic. Control your tunes right from your headphones or take calls while your music automatically pauses on these retro, minimal headphones.

Nikon Coolshot ($350)

Ah, summer. The time when you find yourself sneaking out of work early to hit the links and work on your drive. Nikon lets you amp up your game with its Coolshot, a laser range finder with 6x magnification and a continuous measurement feature so you can zero in on the hole out to 600 yards. And its LED display means you can continue your game after dusk.

Optrix HD ($89.99)

This iPhone 4/4S case and sports mount lets you record a water tubing adventure or a mountain biking stunt. The rugged, weatherproof and water-resistant case mounts to flat and curved mounting plates and lets you watch, edit or upload your video without removing the case.

4iiii Innovations Sportiiiis ($149)

Those training for a marathon or just looking to reduce their mile time this summer will find 4iiii Innovation Sportiiiis helpful. The display and audio system attaches to any pair of glasses and tracks your workout progress without you having to look down. The eyewear features a multicolored LED that gives visual feedback on heart rate, cadence, power, speed and pace, and can provide verbal updates on your performance.

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