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iPhone 3G FAQ

Answers to your frequently asked question about the popular Apple smart phone.


by LAPTOP Staff on May 9, 2008

No other gadget garners celebrity status quite like the iPhone. A mobile device that, makes calls, plays your movies and music, can use Wi-Fi to surf the web, and uses a 100-percent touch interface? It's the fodder of every geek's dreams.

Now that Apple has officially announced the long-awaited arrival of the popular iPhone 3G, the company is poised for a repeat exhibition of product superiority, market dominance, and consumer acclaim.

As the July 11 shelving date approaches, with it comes more iPhone 3G breaking news and updates, including details about software tweaks, activation requirements, and service mandates. Whether you plan on sleeping outside an Apple or AT&T store on July 10, or waiting for the crowd to die down before you purchase your iPhone, use this FAQ to answer all your burning questions on what is sure to be one of the hottest gadgets of 2008.

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