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Windows 10X tested on Surface Pro 7 — 2-in-1 laptops are about to get an upgrade

(Image credit: Microsoft)

After a first look at Microsoft's upcoming Windows 10X, a lightweight version of Windows 10, it's clear it shares some characteristics with the simple yet effective Chrome OS. Now, we're getting a teaser of its touchscreen capabilities, and it's shouting more iPadOS vibes than anything else.

A video shared by developer XDeltaXForce showcased the UI on a Microsoft Surface Pro 7 being operated just by touch gestures, and it looks fluid and adaptive. 

The video featured quick navigation between Microsoft-friendly apps featured on Windows 10X, adaptive gestures, such as slowly pulling up the Taskbar, and seemingly precise use of a stylus (with a pen click responsively opening up Microsoft Whiteboard).

So far, Windows 10X will support Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps and Progressive Web Apps (PWA), with a number of apps supporting touch gestures. Windows 10X is looking to be a more user-friendly, accessible OS than Windows 10. 

For example, depending on the posture of the PC, mainly foldable and 2-in-1 PCs, the OS will adapt to the position for the best user experience. This works even better with fluid touch gestures, especially on something like the Microsoft Surface Pro 7.

Regardless, Microsoft's Windows 10X is expected to launch on consumer PCs in Spring 2021. As for other devices, including tablets or foldables, don’t expect Windows 10X support until sometime in 2022.