Windows 10X Unveiled: Everything You Need to Know

Microsoft just unveiled its latest operating system designed specifically for foldable devices, like the recently announced Microsoft Surface Neo.

Windows 10X is slated to launch for dual-screen and foldable devices sometime in Fall 2020. Microsoft is partnering with companies such as Asus, Dell, HP and Lenovo in order get its operating system in their upcoming devices.

Similar to the Samsung Galaxy Fold, you can do things like search at the top, place apps just below it and place websites underneath in the second panel. When you launch an app, it stays on only one side of the screen. The span gesture allows you to click, drag and drop apps across two screens.

Windows 10X supports Office and Windows apps. However, it's not clear whether full 64-bit programs are supported. When you come across mail, it opens in new tab on the other screen.

The screen can recognize the magnetic keyboard and thus creates the Wonderbar, a carved out section of the display that the keyboard is placed on that you can use.

Microsoft developed Windows 10X with battery life in mind. The company claims that it optimized the operating system accordingly, making using a dual-screen device more feasible throughout the day.

We're excited to get a deeper dive into Windows 10X and see how different it is compared to Windows 10 proper.


Rami Tabari

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