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This gold-plated PS5 costs $499,000 — and it's more ridiculous than you think

Gold PS5
(Image credit: Caviar )

Luxury customization company Caviar has revealed its "Golden Rock" PS5 and it's selling for half a million dollars, and yes, it's made out of real solid gold. Uh oh, is this giving scalpers more ideas?

Available to anyone willing to fork over $499,000, there are nine limited-edition gold PS5 consoles up for grabs, each with "eight sheets cast in solid gold" to make up the PS5's faceplates. That's 18 carats of gold that weigh 4.5kgs or 9.9 pounds. 

As for the DualSense controllers that come with it, they're made of crocodile leather for "real tactile pleasure." We're not sure if crocodile leather will make us play any better, but in case anyone has a spare $499,000 lying around and picks it up, do let us know.

Caviar is known to create outlandish luxury designs for a number of popular devices, including iPhone 12 models with pieces of the moon, Mars or Mercury in them that will cost you up to $7,000. Yup, it's a thing.

Whether the Russian company is using real materials to make all these luxury customized items? We're not sure, as prices for these items are either too steep for people to buy in the first place (*cough* half a million for a PS5 *cough*), or it's too difficult to verify if the materials are real or not. For the prices they're set at, we would hope they are.

If you don't have that kind of money, or just prefer another color, aftermarket skin maker Dbrand makes a lot more affordable PS5 matte black faceplates, although it will still cost you. In the meantime, for those still waiting for retail price, find out which you should buy — the PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition