T-Mobile now offers Hulu for free — here’s how to get it

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If you are a T-Mobile customer, hopefully, you are aware of all the perks available as part of your subscription, as it could potentially save you hundreds of dollars on other services including some of the most popular streaming services. 

Currently Netflix on Us and Apple TV Plus on Us are available to many T-Mobile customers for free as part of their monthly offers through the carrier,  but now Hulu on US is joining the mix starting on Jan. 24.

This is the Hulu (With Ads) subscription and we are still trying to confirm whether there is an option to pay the difference to upgrade to the ad-free option, but at $7.99 a month or $95.88 for the year, that is still a valuable bonus for subscribers either way.

How to get Hulu for free on T-Mobile

So what's the catch? Unlike Netflix on Us and Apple Plus on Us, this new Hulu on Us offer is limited to customers on T-Mobile's Go5G Next plan. That's the most expensive plan offered by the carrier, so if you weren't already a Go5G Next subscriber you'll need to do some math on whether upgrading makes sense to take advantage of this and the many other offers available as part of that tier. 

Bottom line

As a T-Mobile customer and a Hulu subscriber, I perked up when I first saw this offer, but the combination of the Go5G Next plan requirement and the fact that it is only the ad-supported Hulu tier pretty quickly deflated my interest. 

Go5G Next is a solid value, but I'm grandfathered in on an older T-Mobile plan that they no longer offer, so your mileage will vary there. The second part is the real killer for me as I pay for the ad-free tier on Hulu and can't imagine switching to the ad-supported plan. Now T-Mobile did announce alongside this that its Netflix on Us plan will switch to the Standard with Ads plan starting on Jan. 24 as well, and that does have the option to pay the difference for the ad-free tiers, so there's hope that Hulu on Us will mirror that.

While those details are a sticking point for me, there's no question that a new nearly $ 100-a-year perk is a great value add by T-Mobile for its Go5G Next customers. If you are on a T-mobile Go5G Next plan, you'll be able to activate the deal starting on Jan. 24, so start planning your Hulu watch party accordingly.

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