V-Moda Hexamove Pro review

V-Moda enters the premium earbud market

V-Moda Hexamove Pro review
(Image: © Regan Coule/Future)

Laptop Mag Verdict

The V-Moda Hexamove Pro is a vast improvement over the Lite, though it’s still missing key features.


  • +

    Vibrant sound quality

  • +

    Innovative and customizable design

  • +

    Excellent connectivity

  • +

    Better noise isolation than Lite version

  • +

    Personalized fit


  • -

    Mobile app support unavailable at launch

  • -

    Unattractive charging case

  • -

    Lacks several standard and special features

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V-Moda recently announced their first-ever premium wireless earbuds: the Hexamove Pro. This model joins the inexpensive Hexamove Lite as part of the brand’s 2021 holiday rollout and new true wireless lineup. Both models share similar characteristics, from the customizable design to the same drivers and battery life, though this is the superior version by a landslide.

The Hexamove Pro also has its fair share of flaws. No app support at launch, along with the exclusion of standout features like active noise cancellation, ambient listening, and wireless charging makes it less of an enticing option. However, if you’re fine with these omissions, then the sound quality alone may be enough to justify the purchase.

V-Moda Hexamove Pro availability and price

The Hexamove Pro is sold for $169 at major online retailers, including B&H and Sweetwater, or directly from V-Moda. Shield customization raises the MSRP to $190. It comes in either Black or White. Inside the box is a charging case, 2 rings, 2 sport fins, 2 ear hooks, 2 pairs of extra shields, 3 sets of BLISS fittings (S, M, L), neck strap, stabilizer, and USB-C charging cable. 

These buds are more expensive than sub-luxury ANC models like the Beats Studio Buds ($149) and Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 ($149), but are cheaper than category leaders like the AirPods Pro ($249) and Sony WF-1000XM4 ($279).

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V-Moda Hexamove Pro design and comfort

V-Moda’s elite design pedigree is on full display. The hexagon-inspired shape looks cool and small details like the silver accent around the touch sensor add to the buds’ luxe appearance. They come with an IPX5 rating for dust, water, and sweat resistance, and construction is sturdy to ensure they survive hard falls to the ground.

(Image credit: Regan Coule/Future)

However, it is the slide-and-lock shields that give the Hexamove Pro its swagger. Being able to personalize the buds with any of the modern designs and stylish monograms on V-Moda’s site is awesome. You’re bound to find something within the broad selection of artwork that appeals to your fashion taste.

The Pro and Lite charging cases are the same, minus the tiniest detail on the inside; there are grooves to accommodate the integrated tips on the Pro version. Nonetheless, each one is a massive piece of plastic that adds heft and unwanted bulge into the equation.  

(Image credit: Regan Coule/Future)

Comfort is decent. The ergonomic shape makes adjusting the buds easier and provides enough space for the cavity to rest pleasantly on the concha without applying too much pressure. You’ll be able to wear the buds for about 2 hours straight before fatigue sets in.

(Image credit: Regan Coule/Future)

You know how the ear tips make all the difference in fit for the AirPods Pro? Well, the same also applies to the wingtips on the Hexamove Pro. I found the buds suitable for wear when jogging around the block and walking around the house. Removing the wingtips will increase slippage, something I experienced a lot when wearing the Hexamove Lite. All the bundled accessories enhance in-ear stability and transform the Hexamove Pro into dependable sporty buds.

V-Moda Hexamove Pro controls and digital assistant

Both the Hexamove Pro and Lite share the control scheme, though it is far more functional on the Pro. A single tap on either bud will play/pause/answer call/end call, whereas a double/triple tap on the left earbud will skip forward/skip back a track and a triple tap on the left bud enables the digital assistant.

The touch sensors are also more responsive on the Hexamove Pro, maybe too responsive because the slightest touch often executed the single-tap gesture. My wife lamented that I hung up on her three times (by mistake) when adjusting the buds for optimal fit. Furthermore, touch accuracy on the left bud was off, which meant I had to perform the triple-tap gesture several times to turn on the digital assistant.

(Image credit: Regan Coule/Future)

The Hexamove Pro is compatible with Siri, Google Assistant, and Bixby. I tested the feature on iOS/macOS and Android devices (Google Pixel 2XL and Samsung Galaxy Note S20 Ultra) and all three AI bots operated smoothly.

On-ear detection is not available to auto-pause/play content when removing or placing the buds back on your ears.

V-Moda Hexamove Pro audio quality

According to both the Hexamove Pro and Lite product pages, they both come with 6mm diaphragm drivers. Whether V-Moda engineered each model differently is unknown, but I can tell you firsthand that the Pro is more fine-tuned. You get the advertised mix of “powerful bass, vivacious mids, and pristine highs,” resulting in exceptional overall sound.

Symphonic gems like Kool & the Gang’s “Summer Madness” were auditory stimulation. I was loving the amalgamation of instruments that serenaded my ears. The atmospheric synths were reproduced superbly. Even some of the production’s less memorable notes like the low-tempo drumbeats and steady hi-hats were prominent throughout the recording.

(Image credit: Regan Coule/Future)

The low end is also balanced better on the Hexamove Pro. A calm, but funky bass line like the one on KRS-One’s “A Friend” hit harder and blended nicely over the banging drums and cinematic violin sample. My listening time was best put to use when indulging in Jazz playlists. Sarah Vaughan’s “Misty” sounded beautiful from every sonic perspective. The singer’s welcoming vocals showcased the buds’ refined midrange, while the gentle horns and double bass sounded distinctive. 

Noise isolation wasn’t so great on the Hexamove Lite, but that isn’t the case with these buds. The wingtips and eartips kept the Hexamove Pro locked in, allowing me to hear sound fully without any external noises creeping onto the soundscape.

V-Moda Hexamove Pro special features and app

These buds do support the V-Moda app and one feature only: the EQ. Unfortunately, V-Moda has delayed app availability until the end of November.

V-Moda Hexamove Pro battery life and charging case

Despite being the more expensive version, the Hexamove Pro comes with the same battery life as the Hexamove Lite: 6 hours. That’s about 3 to 4 days of moderate use (1.5 hours daily) before recharging. Keep in mind too that high volume and streaming drops playtime by 30 minutes.

(Image credit: Regan Coule/Future)

The humungous charging case only holds 24 hours, which isn’t all that exciting. Surely, you must get quick charging and wireless charging on this model, right? Nope. V-Moda left them off the Hexamove Pro’s spec sheet as well.

V-Moda Hexamove Pro call quality and connectivity

The Hexamove Lite produces better call quality than the Hexamove Pro. On calls with the Pro, my wife stated that I sounded distant indoors and muffled outdoors. A lot of ambient noise entered our chats, specifically wind, which made it difficult to communicate at times.

(Image credit: Regan Coule/Future)

Bluetooth 5.0 gives you steady wireless performance across the board. Not only do the buds provide a lengthy range of 45 feet to move freely in open spaces, but they also have strong pairing and auto-connect capabilities. Opening the case automatically enables pairing mode and connects the buds to your last recognized device. Even better is the inclusion of multipoint technology to pair to two devices at the same time.

Bottom line

The Hexamove Pro is a huge upgrade from the Hexamove Lite. Sound is satisfying to enjoy music from all genres, as well as movies and podcasts. Fit is enhanced, thanks to V-Moda’s extensive suite of bundled accessories. Touch controls and connectivity are also more reliable on these buds. And there’s no way you can talk about the Hexamove Pro without acknowledging the innovative design.

It is shocking to see common and popular features missing on these buds (e.g., ANC, wireless charging), and not having companion app access at launch adds insult to injury. Don’t get us started on the humongous charging case either.

Brand lovers will find great value out of the Hexamove Pro for the price, but they can also get more performance out of less expensive models like the Beats Studio Buds or Samsung Galaxy Buds 2.