Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk review (EN1B+R4830B)

The Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk is the ergonomic workstation you never knew you needed

Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk Review (EN1B+R4830B)
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The Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk takes a dead-simple form factor and combines it with rock-solid functionality.


  • +

    Virtually limitless customization options

  • +

    Stable desktop at all heights

  • +

    Durable design with double-steel tubing

  • +

    Useful height presets and “sitting too long” reminder

  • +

    Generous five-year warranty for frame and motor

  • +

    Sit-stand desks are healthier than sit-only desks


  • -

    Setup may require two people

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Flexispot EN1 Specs

Price: $349 (frame and desktop), $269 (frame only)
Weight Capacity: 154 pounds
Height Range: 29.0 to 48.6 inches
Desktop Size: 48.0 x 30.0 x 1.0 inch
Weight: 47.0 pounds (frame only), 81.8 pounds (frame and desktop)
Warranty: 5-year (frame, motor, and other mechanisms), 2-year (controller, switch, and electronics)

When it comes to personal health and professional productivity, an ergonomically sound workstation is downright essential. Enter the Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk (EN1B+R4830B).

If you’ve never purchased an office desk before, the process can be an exercise in frustration. No matter how much research you do ahead of time, there’s simply no way to know how well — or how poorly — a given desk may suit your needs until you try it out on your home turf. And in order to do that, somebody (probably you) needs to build a desk in your office. This can be a daunting task. (Some companies will assemble your new desk for you, of course, but that service usually comes with an extra fee.) 

As a self-proclaimed do-it-yourself addict, I don’t mind building stuff at home. That being said, my last two desk purchases have been less than ideal; there’s nothing wrong with these desks per se, but neither one is very comfortable for my 6-foot-3-inch frame. And yet, by the time I’d finished building the darn things (a tedious 3-hour process for each), I was fully committed. Call me crazy, but there are only so many hours of blood, sweat, and tears a person can put into a 300-pound Wayfair purchase before Consumer Stockholm Syndrome inevitably sets in.  

No matter your height or build, the Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk is an attractive, rock-solid workstation that’s as customizable as your imagination will allow, and I’d recommend it to absolutely anyone. Here’s why.  

Reasons to get a standing/sit-stand desk

Why should you test-drive a standing desk? Well, working from home is more popular than ever, and the more time you spend hunched over a laptop keyboard with poor posture, the worse it is for your neck, spine, hips, and knees. From a holistic standpoint, an uncomfortable workstation can become a ticking time bomb for potential injury — both short- and long-term. 

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According to the American Chiropractic Association, back pain is the #1 cause of disability worldwide; half of all working Americans admit to back pain symptoms each year, accounting for more than 264 million lost work days. And according to TheGoodBody.com, 54% of Americans who experience lower back pain spend most of their office hours sitting down. At the end of the day, a standing-centric lifestyle is unequivocally healthier than the alternatives. 

Let’s not forget about productivity. According to Flexispot, stand-capable workstations can boost your overall productivity by a whopping 46% (in comparison to sit-only desks), and send your energy levels through the roof. That's a bold claim, but not a surprising one. 

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For those concerned with unwanted weight gain in the time of COVID, studies have also shown that standing and sit-stand desks can absolutely help combat obesity; the human body simply burns more calories while standing up than it does standing down. (Flexispot has a useful, informative, well-researched wellness section on their website to help you design a more ergonomic lifestyle.) 

Note: Speaking as someone who underwent a 70-pound weight-loss transformation one decade ago, I’m well-attuned to the lifestyle changes that helped me get there. Transitioning from sit-only to sit-stand habits was pivotal in helping me drop the weight  — and keep it off. The logic behind Flexispot's primary biz model is sound. 

Models and configurations

Let’s start with customization options. In addition to the electric Flexispot EN1 Standing Desk that I tested, the company offers a wide variety of other “sit-stand-move solutions.”

  • Standing Desk Converters - These tabletop frames let you convert your existing desk into a sit-stand desk — minimal assembly required.
  • Height Adjustable Desks - These portable workstations are big enough to replace your old desk, and they come in myriad shapes and sizes. (Electric and manual height-adjustment options available. The EN1 falls into this category.)
  • Standalone frames - These expandable frames can be attached to virtually any surface you please, and are a godsend for any DIY workshop. They come in various sizes and weight capacities. (Three color options: white, black, and grey.) 
  • Desk Bike - Flexispot has your health top of mind, which is why they also sell an exercise bike that doubles as a standing desk. It’s an innovative combo of fitness and function. (Color me intrigued.)
  • Accessories - From dual-monitor mounts to anti-fatigue mats, keyboard holders, and privacy panels, there are lots of ways to customize your sit-stand-move workspace.

Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk Review (EN1B+R4830B)

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With all the different shapes and sizes to choose from, these rock-solid workstations are fully adaptable to your office needs. Or carpentry shop needs. (Heck, veterinarians could use one of these as an adjustable operating table for small animals.) 

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The Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk (EN1B+R4830B) I tested retails for $349, but you can purchase the standalone EN1 frame for a more modest $269. (The only difference between the EN1 and EC1 frame is the touchpad, which comes at a $50 premium. More on that later.) What can you do with a standalone frame, you ask? Anything you like! Think of it as a completely customizable, fully adjustable skeleton table with robot legs.

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For example, I live with a musician who owns an electronic piano, which happens to match the color of the additional EC1W frame I was testing. In no time flat, I’d created a fully-adjustable piano stand.

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Long-story-long: when it comes to Flexispot workspace options, if you can dream it, you can build it. (Within reason, of course. Each frame has a weight limit of 154 lbs to 275 lbs, depending on the model.) These workstations come in all shapes and sizes, so measure your home office before buying.


At first glance, the setup process for my new workstation was mildly intimidating. The rock-solid frames are darn heavy all by themselves: 47 pounds for the EN1 frame (81.8 pounds with the desktop installed) and 47.2 pounds for the EC1 frame. I was able to set them up on my own, but depending on your upper-body strength, you might need a hand mounting the frame to the desktop and flipping the desk into an upright position.

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Aside from a power drill (for attaching the desktop) and a Phillips-head screwdriver, all the necessary hardware comes in the box. Having never built a standing desk before, it took me just under an hour to assemble the EN1B; the included installation guide is easy enough to follow, and the detailed illustrations eliminate guesswork. One thing’s for sure: Ikea can’t hold a candle to this kind of simplicity.

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Design, ease of use, and special features

Once I assembled the frame, worksurface/desktop, control box, and keypad, the Flexispot EN1B Standing Desk worked flawlessly. The frame’s double-steel tubing ensures maximum stability, even with the legs at full extension. (You can use the keypad to adjust the worksurface anywhere from 28 inches to 47.6 inches.) Indeed, no matter what height I used, this desk barely budged when in use.

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The EN1B standing desk I tested comes with a touchpad that includes three height preset buttons. This allowed me to store one desk height preset for standing up, and two for sitting down (in different chairs). The up and down arrows let you adjust every height in between, and the mechanisms are whisper-quiet, emitting a soft hum as you engage the motor.  

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There’s also a sit-stand reminder button, which is essentially a countdown timer reminding you to stretch your limbs. It’s a welcome feature for absentminded freelancers such as myself.

Standing vs. sitting

As a 175-pound, 6-foot-3-inch 30-something with two ACL replacements in my left knee, sitting for long periods of time is a general challenge; I’m always more comfortable on my feet. (I also suffered from mild scoliosis as a teenager, and am susceptible to lower back pain as an adult.) And as a professional writer, I’ve never felt truly comfortable with any of the desks I’ve owned over the years. Turns out, I’ve been using the wrong kind of desk my entire adult life; standing and sit-stand desks are far healthier for my lanky frame. 

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I tested out the Flexispot EN1B Standing Desk for three full weeks as my primary workstation (writing, internet research, etc.), and was pleasantly surprised across the board. Having an elbow-height desk that I can simply walk away from (as opposed to standing up and down) is a real game-changer, and it allows me to multitask throughout my apartment without the usual leg/back stiffness that accompanies long bouts of computer activity. When I feel like sitting, it also lets me adjust my comfy gaming chair perfectly to my body, and then adjust the desk height to the chair (in that order) — down to the last centimeter. The end result? Endlessly customizable comfort, no matter your body type.     

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Do I feel 46% more productive? Actually, yes. I also tend to zone out if I’m parked in front of a computer for too long, but since I’m not an elephant, I don’t usually fall asleep standing up. (I also like the reverse-habit of sitting down when I need a leg break instead of standing up to take one.)

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Note: If you’ll be standing at your desk for longer periods of time, your feet will eventually get sore. It’s simply inevitable. Flexispot does sell anti-fatigue mats, but you can forgo such padding with a well-placed rug and the proper footwear. For my part, I own a pair of athletic flip-flops that are meant for post-workout activity; they’re the perfect cushion for extended desk use.


In regard to their height-adjustable desks, Flexispot includes a five-year warranty for the frame and motor, and a two-year warranty for the controller, switch, electronics, and “other mechanisms.” The work surface itself is not covered. 

Flexispot’s sit-stand desktop workstation frames also include a five-year warranty, and three years of coverage for the gas spring system.


Working from home sure is en vogue (and in many cases required) these days, but not every home is conducive to work. That all changes when you’ve got a standing desk behind...err, in front of you. The Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk Review (EN1B+R4830B) is more than just a desk: it’s the workstation you never knew you needed. If you’re looking for a customizable tabletop that supports a healthier lifestyle, Flexispot has you covered.

Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk (EN1B+R4830B) Specs

Weight Capacity154 pounds
Height Range29.0 to 48.6 inches
Desktop Size48.0 x 30.0 x 1.0 inch
Price$349 (frame and desktop), $269 (frame only)
Weight47.0 pounds (frame only), 81.8 pounds (frame and desktop)
Warranty5-year (frame, motor, and other mechanisms), 2-year (controller, switch, and electronics)
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