Zaggfolio for iPad 2 Review

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The Pros

Light; Many customization options; Large keys

The Cons

Need to remove keyboard to access charging port; iPad can slip out when tilted back


The Zaggfolio keyboard case for the iPad offers a good typing experience and comes in a variety of colors and textures.

In the rush to make iPad accessories, sometimes device makers forget about personalization. Not Zagg. Its $99 Zaggfolio keyboard case for the iPad 2 comes in half a dozen colors, allowing you to further customize your tablet's look. But its flashy exterior conceals an excellent keyboard for making your tablet more like a real laptop. Find out what else we liked about the Zaggfolio--and what needs improvement.

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The outer shell of the Zaggfolio is a rubbery plastic that looks like carbon fiber. Consumers can choose from six other colors (blue, red, green, pink, orange, or purple) for the same price, or for $129, can opt for alligator leather, black leather, brown leather, or basketball leather. You can also choose a silver, black, or white keyboard. The case by itself costs $29, and the keyboard alone costs $69.

Without an iPad docked in it, the lid of the case, which bends in the middle by design, feels a little flimsy.

Weighing 1.3 pounds, the Zaggfolio is very light--only the Kensington KeyFolio (1.2 pounds) is lighter. You can even trim it down further by removing the keyboard, which slides out from the base. Two buttons above the keyboard let you turn on and pair the keyboard with an iPad.


As with the Kensington Keyfolio and Targus Versavu, the iPad rests in a slot above the keyboard. While we felt that the angle at which it was docked in the Zaggfolio was comfortable, we still were afraid of tipping it back too far for fear of our iPad flopping out.

The Zaggfolio's island-style keyboard was large and spacious. The right Enter key was small, but the Shift key beneath was plenty large, as were the arrow keys. Slightly narrower than Kensington's Keyfolio, the Zagg's keyboard was a hair taller; on the TapTyping test app, we averaged 57 words per minute with a 98-percent accuracy rate, nearly identical to the Kensington and Targus keyboards, but slightly less than the Belkin Keyboard Folio.

Our chief quibble was that we had to remove the keyboard from the case in order to access its microUSB charging port. However, its battery will last for several weeks without needing juice, according to Zagg.


Consumers who want a dash of style will not be disappointed with the Zaggfolio for the iPad 2. Not only do we like all the colors it comes in, but its keyboard is excellent, too. When looking for a keyboard case, put this one on your short list.

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