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Logitech QuickCam Pro for Notebooks Review

Our Verdict

This tiny Web cam packs a slew of features for business and fun.

With its vertical base and front-facing lens, the Logitech QuickCam Pro most resembles a traditional webcam. Although more conspicuous than the Microsoft LifeCam NX-6000, it's about as small, and has a much stronger clamp. It also offers minimal delays and superior special effects.

Installing the QuickCam software was painless. The simple interface boasts some innovative conveniences; for instance, you can download popular messenger clients and e-mail captures directly from the main console. At its highest resolution (8MP), the QuickCam Pro handled skin tones and details well. However, photos and videos
were both too bright, even when we enabled Logitech's RightLight technology. The sound quality was fine, and our video playback showed the shortest delays. The webcam also did an excellent job of refocusing while our subject moved around in front of the lens.

The QuickCam Pro's special effects are by far the most varied, clever, and easy to use. Effects include face accessories, avatars, optional face tracking, and fun filters. Because you can transition between them easily, showing off for your friends is a cinch.

The QuickCam Pro offers everything we could want in a webcam: good sound, sharp details, minimal delays, a simple interface, and an impressive array of special effects. Factor in its portability and low price, and it's as good of a choice for road warriors as it is for fun-seekers.

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