Samsung Galaxy S24 release leak closes in on iPhone 15 and Pixel 8

iPhone 15 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
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The Samsung Galaxy S24 series is expected to make its debut next year, but a recent leak suggests we finally have a specific date—and it's earlier than expected. Samsung has slowly been moving the S series launches up over the years, with the S23 series unveiled on February 1st and launching on February 17.

However, a recent leak from Tech_Reve on Twitter suggested that Samsung would be moving the release of these phones up by a month and Ice Universe has further backed this rumor up. The prolific and oft-accurate leaker claimed it'll launch on January 18. This could be a direct response to push competition against the iPhone 15 series.

Samsung Galaxy S24 series: Why an earlier date?

We don't know an exact reason why Samsung has decided to push the Galaxy S24 series up (assuming the rumors are true), but we can speculate. A previous tweet from Tech_Reve explains how the Galaxy Z series wasn't selling as well as the company had hoped, so it's possible this is an attempt to get ahead of the competition and ensure the Galaxy S24 series doesn't face a similar fate.

Samsung has to wait until the Qualcomm Snapdragon Gen 3 that should power the S24 series is available, and January is likely the earliest possible shipping date possible. January is also a quiet time for new phones otherwise, so Samsung may be looking to dominate mobile coverage during CES 2024.

On the other hand, these details could be entirely irrelevant. Perhaps Samsung just wants to get this series out there sooner than normal to ensure it stands a chance against the recently launched iPhone 15 series. 

We normally only see an iPhone to Android (or vice versa) shift there when there are big new features revealed to appeal to different individuals, but Samsung may be testing whether cutting the iPhone's 4-month lead time on the S series down to 3 months makes a difference. The reality of course is that for the most part, Galaxy users are likely going to stay Galaxy users, which will be the same for the iPhone fanbase. The Android vs. iPhone lines are etched deep.

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