These Samsung Galaxy S24 pre-order bonuses may get me to ditch my iPhone

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra render in a split image with an iPhone 14 Pro
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Outside of a brief stint as a Blackberry enthusiast, I've primarily used iPhones as my smartphone of choice. At the time I switched, I lived in a very Apple household and had a MacBook as my only computer, so staying in the eco-system made perfect sense. 

I've considered switching to Android over the years, especially as I've spent more time testing Android phones. But I never really found enough reason to switch and as the years went by with more and more of my life stored in the cloud, the inertia grew. However, Samsung's pre-order bonuses for the Galaxy S24 lineup may just be the boost I needed to get me to leave my iPhone 14 Pro and the iOS walled garden behind.

Pre-order bonus details

Galaxy Watch 6 Classic with black leather band and black graphite stainless steel case

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Even though Samsung's new flagship smartphones have yet to be officially announced, we know quite a bit about this year's lineup thanks to a near constant supply of leaks and rumors. This latest addition to the Galaxy S24 rumor mill comes from the Naver user Landsk, who has a history of reporting on Samsung news and leaks.

According to a "related company source," Landsk reports that the S24 pre-order bonuses will include double storage at no extra cost, plus discount coupons for the Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Buds FE. Bonus storage space and discounts on other Samsung gear have been pretty common pre-order bonuses for Samsung before. Last year's S23 offer included up to $1,000 off in various deals. Which makes this particular rumor seem very credible.

Samsung Galaxy Buds FE

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If this rumor is correct, these are pretty hefty incentives to invest in the new flagship phones. More than just a gift card or Samsung store credit, the discounts make it even easier to switch phones from a different Android vendor or from an iPhone because you don't have to worry about losing connectivity with your favorite accessories. You can swap those at the same time for a discount. So I might just finally ditch my iPhone.

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