Android 15 Beta is here — how to get it on your phone

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Android 15 inches closer to a full release as today Google announced that its next milestone OS is entering public beta. Having already enjoyed the last two months in the Developer Preview phase of its development, Android 15 officially begins phase one of wider beta testing, freely available for users to try out ahead of its expected full release later this year.

Google's official development and release timeline indicates that the Android 15 Beta will pass through multiple phases before pushing for platform stability ahead of its final release later in the year. (Image credit: Google)

Android 15 is expected to have a clear and sharp focus on improving productivity, ensuring a premium app experience, and protecting its users with key privacy and security features.

With regards to the latter point, we've already seen Google take great strides in this direction with Private Space (a new hidden area for apps and files), improved screen recording (that allows only the capture of the app you want to be seen), and Sensitive Notifications (a security feature that hides information like one time passwords or two-factor authentication codes from nosey, third party apps) all improving the security of the user experience greatly.

Today's beta release also touts some impressive security enhancements, too. The Android 15 Beta will feature improvements in handling end-to-end encryption in apps and protection against malicious apps with improved security against background activity launches.

With the development of the mobile OS still ongoing, Google expects to share more new features and updates as the Android 15 Beta progresses. However, it's also keen to point out that there'll be plenty of news and announcements to look forward to at this year's Google I/O event, slated for Tuesday, May 14.

How to enroll in the Android 15 beta

While getting involved in the Android 15 Developer Preview is a little tricky for the average Joe or Jane, becoming an early adopter of Google's next milestone OS release is, by comparison, an absolute walk in the park — as long as you own an eligible Google Pixel device.

Supported Pixel devices can enroll in the pre-release of Google's OS via the Android Beta for Pixel website. Simply sign in with your Google account and enroll your device, after which you can access the latest over-the-air updates as and when they arrive.

Want to know if your device is supported? The Android 15 Beta is currently available on the following devices:

  • Google Pixel 8 Pro
  • Google Pixel 8

As a reminder, Google states that it can take up to 24 hours before enrolled devices gain access to the Android 15 beta, Though you can always manually check for the update after enrolling by going to Settings > System > System Update on your device.

It's also worth noting that devices already taking part in the Developer Preview or Android 14 QPR beta program will be automatically updated to the Android 15 Beta.

Don't own a supported Pixel device? Google recommends testing the Android 15 Beta using its 64-bit system images with Android Studio's Android Emulator.

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