Xbox Series X Share and Capture is janky but improvements could come soon

Xbox Seires X
(Image credit: Microsoft)

The Xbox Series X is one of Microsoft's powerful current-gen consoles, boasting a handful of novel features like a powerful SSD and an RTX ready GPU. However, it seems the new user experience is causing a bit of trouble.

Gavin Stevens on Twitter reported a number of issues, including criticisms regarding the HDR capture, shortness of clip length, and issues arising from uploading them. Jason Ronald, Director of Project Management at Xbox, reassured concerned users by confirming that improvements regarding these features are coming.

Twitter user @Colteastwood asked Ronald if the team at Xbox had plans to improve upon these features. In particular, he pointed out that the Xbox Series X's CPU strains while capturing, and that the "Share to Twitter" feature fails to work half the time. 

Ronald responded, "we have heard the feedback and working on a number of improvements to the capture and share experience. Nothing to share yet, but a priority for the team."

We don't know much else about Xbox's plans. However, it's not hard to imagine what these updates will look like, as the intentions behind each feature are clear, the execution is less than optimal.

Ideally, share functionality should allow the user to upload images and videos at the highest quality possible without frequent failure. Additionally, the Xbox Series X needs to be updated in such a way as to prevent the CPU from slowing down when these capture features are in use. 

Clip length could also be increased, as 1080p clips can only be saved at a maximum of two minutes (4K clips are capped at 30 seconds). In another tweet, Stevens claims he deleted Assassin's Creed: Valhalla captures about 20 times, but they kept coming back.

Overall, it seems like the feature is a bit haphazardly put together, but considering that it's the team's top priority at the moment, we could see improvements soon

Momo Tabari
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