Xbox Series S set for August reveal — the cheaper Xbox is coming (report)

(Image credit: Reddit - u/jiveduder)

The battleground for the next installment in the console wars is set...well, almost. If the rumors are true, Microsoft has another surprise in the form of a cheaper, entry-level next-gen console called the Xbox Series S

We've been tracking this mysterious console, codenamed "Lockhart," for several weeks now, but Microsoft hasn't moved an inch toward confirming its existence. That will supposedly change in August when the console will be fully revealed, according to a Eurogamer report (via The Verge).

We were skeptical of rumors about a second next-gen Xbox until last week when Microsoft Game Developer Kit documents name-dropped protect Lockhart. Microsoft apparently made a devkit (called Dante) that lets developers enable a Lockhart mode so their games run at the lower performance levels of the Series S.

Previous rumors suggest the Series S could deliver 4 teraflops of power compared to the 12TF of the Series X. The console would be limited to 1080p resolution and would target an aggressive price point.

The folks at The Verge have seen additional documents that suggest the Series S will have the same AMD CPU as the Series X. However, it will rely on 7.5GB of RAM (versus 13.5GB on the Series X) and around 4TF of GPU performance. 

The success of the Series S will ultimately rely on pricing. If the gap between the Series S and Series X isn't substantial, then customers will likely opt for the more powerful version. Then again, if Microsoft can't keep the Series X's price down, the Series S could be a smart alternative for those who can't wait to play next-gen games.

Phillip Tracy

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