Xbox Series S could be unveiled next month along with new headset

Xbox Series S
(Image credit: Xbox)

With E3 in the wind, everyone is patiently waiting for the next Xbox Series X announcement. But before that, we might get a possible reveal of the Xbox Series S (Lockhart) along with a new Xbox headset.

Our friends at Windows Central recently published a rumor roundup that dove into several rumors, including new information about the potential two products.

Supposed specs of the Xbox Series S leaked back in March from the Chinese tech site MyDrivers. It reported that the Xbox Series S would cost $300 and come packed with a 4GHz AMD Ryzen APU, a 4TFLOP GPU and 16GB of RAM (12GB assigned to the GPU and 4GB for the OS).

Apparently, the Xbox Series S is in a stage where Xbox employees are able to take the console home and provide feedback. If the console is already in its testing phase, it's possible we might get a reveal sometime soon.

To top that off, Windows Central reports that Team Xbox is creating a new Xbox headset, which isn't too surprising. A new console typically brings a new budget headset. We just hope this headset isn't quite as dismal. 

However, according to Windows Central's source, the headset will be fully wireless with Xbox, PC and mobile devices, meaning it'll feature Bluetooth and Xbox Wireless tech. If that comes true, I'll certainly be impressed.

If the rumors are to be believed, Xbox will have an event as early as next month, in May, when Xbox will also showcase some of its games. We imagine Halo Infinite will be there, of course, and possibly Cyberpunk 2077, considering the booming relationship between Xbox and CD Projekt Red.

Regardless, Xbox is going to have an event at some point to replace its E3 showcase, so it's only a matter of time before we find out the details.

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