World of Warcraft Shadowlands' next patch will let you upgrade Mythic gear

World of Warcraft Shadowlands' next patch will let you upgrade Mythic gear
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World of Warcraft Shadowlands' next update is in the testing phase and will find its way to current players sometime in March as update 9.0.5. This update not only balances some of the new mechanics but also lets players upgrade their Mythic gear.

Blizzard is also boosting the affect of Covenant abilities and Legendary items. This is the explanation that Blizzard gave:

World of Warcraft Shadowlands' 9.0.5 update

In a blog, Blizzard explained that players have been running into a problem when they're well-geared enough to not get any relevant gear from Mythic Keystone runs anymore. 

Instead of having to go to the Great Vault for better gear, players can now upgrade gear that they get from Mythic runs with Valor Points. These points can be earned by  completing dungeons or completing  daily Covenant quests.

You'll also be able to increase the item level cap for gear you find in these dungeons by beating all eight Shadowlands dungeons at certain threshold levels. For example, the first one is Mythic 5 or higher, then Mythic 10 and finally Mythic 15.

The blog speaks about improving Legendary Items and Covenant class abilities based on what is being used less among players, but it doesn't state which ones or how they're being improved. However, 9.0.5 PTR is available to all players right now if you want to hop into the Public Test Realm.

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