Windows 11 kicks Cortana to the curb — here are all the discarded Windows 10 features

Windows 11: Your guide to Microsoft's next Windows OS
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Windows 11 is kicking Cortana to the curb, and I couldn't be happier. As a laptop reviewer, listening to Cortana's cringeworthy "a little sign-in here, a touch of Wi-Fi there" script every time I needed to set up Windows 10 was maddening. Cortana also jump-scared me more times than I'd like to admit.

However, Cortana isn't the only Windows 10 element that's getting discarded. Windows 11 is also shunning Timeline, Tablet Mode and a host of other features. Check out all the Windows 10 aspects you won't find on the new OS.

All the Windows 10 features you won't find in Windows 11

As mentioned, Cortana got the boot as Windows 11's setup guide. We all saw it coming. Two years ago, as a result of negative user feedback, Microsoft disabled Cortana for Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise and Education setup processes  

This move was meant to benefit IT professionals who needed a reprieve from Cortana's voice as they set up multiple machines. However, it seems like the average consumer isn't a big fan of Cortana, either. According to Microsoft, "Cortana will no longer be included in the first boot experience or pinned to the Taskbar.” Hallelujah!

According to Windows 11's specifications page, here's a list of all the Windows 10 features you won't find in the next-generation OS.

  • Desktop wallpaper cannot be roamed to or from device when signed in with a Microsoft account.
  • Internet Explorer is disabled. The Chromium-based Microsoft Edge is the recommended replacement.
  • Math Input Panel is ousted. 
  • Quick Status from the Lock Screen is out.
  • S Mode is only available for Windows 11 Home.
  • The Start menu gets rid of Live Tiles; named groups and app folders are no longer supported. Pinned apps and sites will not migrate to Windows 11 upgrade.
  • Tablet mode is removed; Microsoft added new functionality for keyboard attach and detach postures.
  • Some Taskbar functions are no longer supported. For example, alignment to the bottom of the screen is the only position allowed.
  • Timeline got the boot.
  • Wallet is out.
  • Touch Keyboard will no longer dock and undock keyboard layouts on screen sizes 18 inches and larger.

There's also a list of apps that won't be removed on upgrade, but they'll no longer be installed on new devices (or when clean-installing Windows 11). This includes 3D Viewer, OneNote for Windows 10, Paint 3D and Skype. If you still want these apps, you can download them from the Microsoft Store.

Windows 11 arrives this holiday season on eligible Windows 10 PCs. Find out if your device meets Windows 11 requirements here.

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