Windows 10 Setup Will Soon Get Way Less Annoying

Windows 10 users, you are finally free from Cortana. Well, during setup, anyway.

Microsoft has announced that it is disabling its assistant’s voice-over during the Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, and Education setup processes. Cortana is still alive and well in Home versions of Windows 10, meaning this will mainly benefit IT professionals who set up multiple machines at once.

The company mentioned that the change is based on user feedback. But don’t worry: If you’re a Cortana fan, you can simply press WIN + Ctrl + Enter to turn Cortana Narrator back on.

The announcement is one of a number of tweaks and new features built into Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18309, which Microsoft released Jan. 3.

If you’re not one of Microsoft’s early Windows testers, you’ll see this feature in the next major Windows 10 update, which is expected in April. The update will bring a several changes, including a revamped PIN reset experience, password-less accounts (sign in with an SMS code or Windows Hello), new cursor sizes, and many bug fixes.

Microsoft has promised to fix a number of user issues with the April release. Let’s hope it’s nothing like the October update, which was pulled and re-released twice after its installation caused data to vanish from users’ hard drives, and myriad issues with ZIP functions.