T-Mobile's AutoPay service no longer takes credit cards, here's a workaround

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If you use T-Mobile's AutoPay service to save $5 on your monthly phone bill and avoid missed payments, you're hip to the recent change in policy. T-Mobile is no longer accepting credit cards or Apple Pay for AutoPay deductions. The wireless carrier recently sent reminders to its customers to link their bank account or debit card to continue to use AutoPay.

If you're timid about sharing your bank account details with T-Mobile, that's a valid fear. Given T-Mobile's history of data breaches and the rise of identity theft, you have every reason to be cautious. Luckily, you have options if you want to keep your T-Mobile AutoPay discount without disclosing your bank account information.

Privacy burner debit card

Don't want to have your personal debit card sitting on T-Mobile's site? Get yourself a burner debit card. Swing over to Privacy.com for a virtual debit card that lets you mask card details. 

Privacy Card's free tier includes up to 12 new cards per month, secure merchant-locked cards, spending limit setting, and more. Set up your T-Mobile AutoPay with a Privacy Card and get an auto-generated digital virtual number that's locked to T-Mobile. This means the card can't be used elsewhere so in the event of a data breach, your information stays safe. 

T-Mobile MONEY 

Opening a separate checking account for T-Mobile AutoPay and similar online transactions is another payment option. There's no minimum balance, so you can start with any amount, as long it's enough to cover your monthly T-Mobile bill. Plus, there's no credit check, account fees, or overdraft fees to worry about. 

Anyone can apply for a T-Mobile Money account, simply create a T-Mobile ID. If you're already a T-Mobile customer, sign up with your existing T-Mobile ID. Prepaid Metro by T-Mobile customers must create a new account. You can also open a separate no-free checking at Capital One which also has no minimum balance requirement or monthly fees.   

Choose the payment alternative that's right for you to keep your monthly $5 T-Mobile AutoPay credit alive. 

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