Studio behind the new Demon's Souls might be teasing its next remake

Bluepoint might be teasing its next remake already
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Bluepoint Games just launched its Demon's Souls re-imagining a week ago, but the studio might already be teasing another remake. 

On the official Bluepoint Games Twitter account, the company taunted its fanbase regarding a locked door only present in its version of Demon's Souls. The image caption shows "wish you were here," and the Tweet itself says "A Symphony of Rumors."

On one hand, this could just be Bluepoint Games acting overly poetic without any deeper meaning, but there are a few other possibilities. It could imply that the key to unlocking this mysterious door somehow has to do with a "symphony," perhaps requiring a musical element. 

However, the "a symphony of rumors" line stood out to me. Back in October 2019, on Halloween day, Bluepoint Games tweeted a cryptic poem hinting at what its next remake would be about. Keep in mind, this was before it was revealed that the company would be working on Demon's Souls. 

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In this cryptic tweet, Bluepoint references a handful of games. "A symphony of rumors" is clearly referencing Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. The key phrases "twisted" and "metal" may be separated, but it's likely referring to the Twisted Metal series. "Soft from solid" is definitely a nod to Metal Gear Solid, while "syphon" and "filter" are certainly about Syphon Filter.

Obviously, the use of the word "souls" was referring to Demon's Souls, which was just released a week ago. When it was revealed that Bluepoint's next remake was indeed Demon's Souls, hope was lost for the possibilities of these other remakes.

However, I don't think Bluepoint's recent use of "a symphony of rumors" is a coincidence. The company used the same phrase in a year-old tweet that referenced half a dozen games. Could it be that it's is actually hinting toward its next remake, which might just be Castlevania: Symphony of the Night?

The possibility of these references doesn't end here, however. Twitter user jd_jurado was running around the Nexus in Demon's Souls when he heard a loud clanging noise, possibly resembling something along the lines of a metallic scream. I noticed this as well during my playthrough, and it scared the hell out of me.

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Fans are speculating that this is a minor reference to the screech of Metal Gear Rex from the Metal Gear Solid series, however, the Twitter user who posted the video thinks it actually sounds nothing like it.

Whether or not these are references to beloved franchises or just coincidences is hard to determine, but it definitely seems like Bluepoint Games is up to something.

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