PS5 was the No. 1 Amazon product after the stimulus checks hit — followed by a weird sex toy

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It's no surprise that PS5 demand on Amazon skyrocketed when stimulus checks hit bank accounts on March 17. A week-over-week analysis conducted by global e-commerce company Pattern determined that demand for the PS5 surged by a whopping 511%!

However, we were taken aback by the product that proceeded the PS5 in Amazon's post-stimulus check surge: a rose-flower sex toy that, according to 3,000 5-star Amazon reviews, sends users to euphoric, heavenly places that knock their socks off.

A vibrator bested GPUs in Amazon's post-stimulus check surge

The Adorime Rose Vibrator went viral thanks to a TikTok clip created by Gabrielle Jones that sung its praises. The waterproof device is made of medical-grade silicone and can be recharged via a magnetic USB base. When fully charged, it offers up to two hours of fun.

Adorime Rose Clit Sucking Vibrator

Adorime Rose Vibrator on Amazon (Image credit: Amazon)

"It had me seeing the white light!" Jones said about her experience with the sex toy. The video was posted in early February, and as a result, the highly praised sex toy landed on Amazon's top one million products list.

However, when the stimulus checks arrived to American bank accounts in mid-March, demand for the Adorime Rose Vibrator surged by 334% week-over-week. After the PS5, the rose-shaped sex toy was Amazon's second-highest search term. Other Amazon products that experienced a post-stimulus check surge include summer dresses, patio furniture, corsets and computer graphics cards, which landed in third, fourth, fifth and sixth place, respectively. 

Yes, you read correctly — more Amazon users were poised to spend a portion of their stimulus check on a $50 sex toy instead of a computer graphics card. After all, a GPU can arouse a gaming PC with zippier graphical processing, but it does nothing for the under-stimulated populace affected by the pandemic.

Stimulus purchases on Amazon

Stimulus purchases on Amazon (Image credit: Pattern)

Other top post-stimulus tech products on Amazon include the Xbox One, AirPod cases and the Nintendo Switch

With a sex toy snatching second-place among Amazon's top searches after the PS5, it's safe to say that when Americans can't find Sony's highly elusive gaming console to play their favorite triple-A games, their next best bet is to play with themselves.

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