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PS5 stock will be a lot easier to find in 2021: Here's why

(Image credit: Future)

Sony has had only one real challenge when it comes to selling the PS5 so far and that is making enough of them to meet the crushing demand for its next-gen console. Well, that and the bots

According to a Digitimes report, roughly 3.4 million PS5 consoles were shipped in the first month of availability, but the good news for those who are struggling to get their hands on one is that production is set to increase by roughly 40% to 50% going forward (via BGR).

The reason for the dramatic boost is that AMD has contracted with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) to produce more of the custom CPUs found in the PS5, Digitimes reports. This was apparently one of the primary bottlenecks of PS5 production to date.

The increased production is just one factor and you also have somewhat reduced demand with the holidays now past us. That, in turn, should mean fewer scalpers looking to obtain the consoles. 

Sony is reportedly targeting 10 million PS5 consoles sold by the end of March, which shouldn't be a problem considering the company is already a third of the way there. For those of you who haven't picked up a PS5 yet, we'll continue to keep you up-to-date when PS5 stock is available until the shortages are a thing of the past.