PS5 Pro with dual GPUs could come next — and people are already excited

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If you're reading this then you probably fall into one of two groups: those who are already enjoying their new PS5 or, more likely, those who are still trying to secure one as they fluctuate in and out of stock. The PS5 is the biggest tech product of the season, and yet, it wasn't the console trending on Twitter earlier this week. 

No, that was the PS5 Pro, a rumored upgraded version of the current PS5. Why are people already looking so far ahead into the future instead of enjoying the acclaimed new console? Sony didn't announce anything new, rather, a PlayStation patent from a few months ago was uncovered, revealing an enticing PS5 concept.

'PS5 Pro' dual GPU concept

The patent, titled "Scalable Game Console CPU/GPU Design for Home Console and Cloud Gaming" describes a concept console with two GPUs and two CPUs. It uses those extra chips to divide and conquer — letting one GPU handle HDMI frame output after receiving info from the other GPU. 

"In a multi-GPU simulation environment, frame buffer management may be implemented by multiple GPUs rendering respective frames of video, or by rendering respective portions of each frame of video," the patent reads. 

The patent says that an SoC (system on a chip) can be used for a "light" version of a console while multiple SoCs can be used to create a "high-end version" of a rig with greater processing power and storage capabilities. The premium, or Pro, version can contain more memory and other features used for cloud gaming.

PS5 Pro

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"The first GPU may be programmed for rendering first frames of video to provide a first output, while the second GPU is programmed rendering some, but not all, frames of the video to provide a second output," the patent states. "The frames rendered by the second GPU are different from the frames rendered by the first GPU. The first and second outputs may be combined to render the video."

Further into the abstract are different methods for implementing a two GPU setup, and descriptions about what each element would be responsible for. 

As exciting as this sounds, the patent does bring up some technical hurdles introduced when two GPUs are involved. It says that this high-end version with multiple SoCs "poses challenges to the software and simulation (game) design, which must scale accordingly."

And, as is the case with all patents, we need to temper your expectations. Companies file hundreds of patents each year, only for a handful to see the light of day. Patents are like concept cars, they often describe the theoretical, not the practical. That being said, we recommend you continue to smash the F5 (refresh) key for a chance at the PS5, instead of waiting on the PS5 Pro. 

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