PS5 price and release date could be announced soon — What you should know (Update)

PS5 console revealed in Future of Gaming event
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Update on July 14: Welp! July 13 has come and gone and there is still no way to pre-order the PS5. We got our hopes up after an Amazon product page for the PS5 went live but it didn't include a pre-order button or any price and release date details. The existence of various PS5 product pages suggests pre-orders could begin soon...but we expect Sony to give us a head-up instead of launching the PS5 without any notice. 

PS5 pre-orders could go live today, revealing the long-awaited price and release date of the next-gen console.

A popular leaker who uses the Twitter handle @IronManPS5 says PS5 pre-orders will start today, Monday, July 13.  Their prediction echos that of another leaker, Roberto Serrano, who specified that global PS5 pre-orders will go live at 12:30pm PT or 3:30pm ET. 

Serrano says the PS5's price and release date will also be unveiled, putting an end to months of rumors and predictions about how much the console will cost and when it will actually ship.  

Before I go any further, it's important to point out that this information comes from unverified leaks. Sony has not officially disclosed its plans for revealing the PS5's price, release date, or pre-order start time, so don't be surprised if you're unable to purchase the box later today.

Then again, several PS5 product pages have surfaced in recent weeks, suggesting the console could soon be made available for purchase. Sites like,,, Best Buy and Target list both versions of the PS5 along with its various accessories, although pricing and release date are omitted from these pages.

Launching pre-orders for the PS5 would be a bold move for Sony as the company could give gamers the option to purchase the console before Microsoft's big Xbox Series X games reveal on July 23. The PS5 is scheduled to launch this "holiday season," or in about 4 months.

While we're skeptical of the aforementioned rumors, we'll have our wallets at the ready come 12:30pm PT or 3:30pm ET just in case. There have been reports that next-gen consoles will be in low supply at launch, so you won't want to hesitate when the PS5 does go on sale.

We will update this article whether PS5 pre-orders go live or not. If they do, we'll include links to various retailers so you can purchase the console before anyone else.

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