PS5 price, release month and PSVR details revealed in leak

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After months of Sony only doling out tiny morsels of information about the PS5, we finally got a feast at the company's early June event that gave us the console reveal along with numerous PS5 games to obsess over. 

However, Sony still left quite a few questions unanswered and to date hasn't given us much more beyond some hands-on looks at the PS5 DualSense controller. So this latest series of leaks that includes release date, pricing, and more from frequent PS5 leaker @IronManPS5 is arriving at the right time to fill in the gaps that Sony has left open (Via BGR).

Now I have to offer a healthy dash of salt with this set of rumors as we recently took a look at the most reliable leakers across a range of different categories and found that IronManPS5 has been proven wrong on a number of occasions now. With the global pandemic this year, it is certainly more plausible than ever that dates could get shifted around a bit and IronManPS5 has hit on a few notable leaks as well, but it's enough to give us some pause.

PS5 release date

Sony hasn't yet expanded on what it means by "Holiday 2020" for the launch of the PS5, unlike Microsoft, but the expectation has pretty much always been that it will be in November and IronManPS5 claims his sources confirm this.

Specifically, they believe the launch date to be November 20, 2020, which is the same date the original DualShock controller launched in Japan back in 1997. Sentimental meaning behind the date aside this is absolutely right in the expected window for the release.

PS5 price

IronManPS5 is reaffirming his own leak from back in June, but we have recently seen another leaker throw in their support for a $499 price point for the PS5 and $399 for the PS5 Digital Edition. 

What is making this claim more interesting this time around are reports that the Xbox Series X may come in at $599, a disadvantage that Microsoft had previously claimed it wouldn't fall victim to again.

PS5 Accessories

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We got a look at a number of PS5 accessories at the PS5 event in June, but IronManPS5 has pricing and availability details to share on those as well. He claims everything will be available day and date with the console launch on November 20, with the DualSense controller at $69.99, the DualSense Charging Station for $29.99, the HD Camera for $69.99, the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset for $159, the Media Remote for $29.99 and the Vertical Stand for $24.99.


The one potential bombshell accessory that IronManPS5 had to add was a supposed launch date for a new wireless PSVR for PS5 that will retail for the same $399 as the original. This would be huge news for VR vans considering the PS5 as other rumors have been less positive about a headset refresh coming in the near future.

PS5 features

The leaker had an abundance of feature details to share as well.  Some were quite obvious like the PS5 needing a system update right out of the box.  But other, more interesting claims include state that the OS requires 175GB of storage space on the PS5 and while their math is hazy in the tweet this would suggest only 650GB for games and other content.

And for PS4 owners, one other notable feature mentioned is the ability to connect the two consoles via an Ethernet cable to transfer your data between the two systems while logged into your PSN account. That could save you some serious time when making the upgrade.

Again, we have to stress that these claims cannot be verified at this time. But they have certainly given us plenty of fodder to update our reliable leaker charts later this year. 

Hopefully at Sony's next event, we get a little dash of info on the hardware that may support these rumors to go with a hearty helping of new gameplay footage.

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