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PS5 could weigh around 10 pounds — Here's how that compares

(Image credit: Sony)

A listing for the PS5 has appeared on Amazon France, revealing that the next-gen console weighs up to 4.78 kg, or 10.5 pounds.

In the same Amazon France listing, you can see the digital edition of the console as well as the announced peripherals. However, there's no price listed for any of these products.

The PS5 is the heaviest console around

If we trust that the listing is accurate (which it might not be), the PS5 weighs 10.5 pounds. Keep in mind that this could be the weight of everything in the box, not just the PS5 itself. 

But that weight alone would be a lot heavier than its predecessors. The PS4 comes in at 6.2 pounds, while the PS4 Slim slides in at over half the weight, at 4.6 pounds. Even though the PS4 Pro is pretty hefty, it's still much lighter, at 7.3 pounds.

The original Xbox One weighs 7.8 pounds, whereas the Xbox One S weighs 6.4 pounds. And while the Xbox One X is smaller than its siblings, it's actually heavier, weighing in at 8.4 pounds. Xbox's next-gen console, the Xbox Series X, could still weigh less than the PS5, at 9.8 pounds.

It's unclear when Sony is actually going to reveal more about the PS5. At this point, we imagine it'll have to be much closer to launch, considering how long it took for the company to show us what the console looks like.