PS5 2TB model appears on retail site — just ignore the staggering price

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Sony already revealed that the PS5 would ship with an 825GB SSD, but is that really enough space? If you're worried about running out of storage and being forced to decide which games stay and which ones get deleted, then you'll appreciate the latest PS5 leak.

German gaming news outlet GamePro found a listing for a PS5 with a 2TB SSD on, a large online retailer. The product page has since been removed but not before GamePro snapped a screenshot. As seen in the below image, the website listed a 2TB PS5 Digital Edition for a staggering €974.79, or about $1,150. 

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We know Sony is bringing serious innovation to the PS5's SSD, but the company couldn't afford to sell any version of its next-gen console at that price. That said, we suspect this price was a placeholder, not the actual amount Sony will charge. 

As for the existence of a 2TB PS5, that piece remains a mystery. Sony hasn't mentioned another PS5 config with more storage but we wouldn't count it out. In fact, in June, Twitter user Mario64 took a screenshot of an Amazon UK page with a listing for a 2TB PS5 that costs £599.99, or $765. While that's a more realistic price, it too might have been a placeholder.

Is 825GB enough storage for the PS5?

Some folks have voiced their concerns about the PS5's 825GB storage capacity and we can't help but sympathize given that some AAA PS4 games (like The Last of Us Part II) require 100GB of free space.   

Yes, you can always increase the PS5's SSD storage space by purchasing a compatible (Sony certified) NVMe SSD (unlike the Xbox Series X, which requires a proprietary expansion card to add to the 1TB SSD), but not everyone wants to go through the hassle of buying an extra part and connecting it to the console.

We would welcome a 2TB version of the PS5 Digital Edition so long as Sony doesn't charge a fortune for it. 

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