Of All Days…Zune Makes Announcements for Valentine's Day

The timing on this one is impeccable. “Stuff” might be happening at MacWorld but Microsoft’s Zune is staying loud and proud. How? Well they are letting you know that Valentine's Day is upon us and there will be plenty of Zune to go around. Since the Zune 80GB has been such a hit, the device will be available in red with new Zune Originals (the snazzy laser-engraved designs available for the back) just in time for V-Day. They are adding new Orignals that are “inspired by the themes of love and sharing.” That is beautiful, Zune. Each new graphic can be paired with up to three lines of text, letting consumers add a personal message. Like I love you "zune" much. Visit http://www.zuneoriginals.net to see it all. Zune Marketplace will also feature Valentine's Day playlists that can be shared with friends or loved ones Zune to Zune. Note: I have been using the 80GB Zune now for 3 months. Every once in awhile, when I am looking to reach out and touch someone, I search for someone else in the area who might want to share a song via the Zune Social. Is anyone out there? I am hitting up Craigslist now in a desperate attempt to find someone this Valentine's Day who might want to put our Zunes together.