Oculus Quest Pro with mini-LED displays to release in Q2 2022, leak claims

Oculus Quest 2 leaked photos
(Image credit: Walking Cat/Twitter)

Meta's rumored Oculus Quest Pro is expected to arrive as soon as April 2022 with mini-LED displays, upgraded tracking capabilities and a design overhaul. What's more, an Oculus Quest 2 successor is tipped to launch in 2023, and it boasts uOLED screens.

Oculus' Pro VR headset rumors have indicated the new Quest Pro will be a pair of wireless black goggles with a pad covering the forehead, along with controllers that don't feature any tracking rings. Plus, the next-gen standalone VR headset will be able to track full body and facial movements. According to a recent leak, we may only be a few months away from it's official launch. 

Spotted by XR hardware analyst and VR level designer Brad Lynch, the leak states Meta Cambria, a reference to the Oculus Quest Pro, will launch in Q2 2022. This suggests the headset's release dates will be sometime between April and June. The leak also points out the Pro headset will feature mini-LED displays, a step up from the Oculus Quest 2's LCD lenses. 

Thanks to a series of leaked tutorial videos by Twitter user Bastion, we may have already seen the Quest Pro in action. The videos show off a 3D avatar with the VR headset on, moving their whole body around while a virtual avatar mimics their movements while customizing their appearance. We also see the new controllers being used in various apps, from being used as a pen to being used to play Beat Saber.

As for the Oculus Quest 3, Lynch states VR fans can expect it to arrive in 2023, featuring uOLED displays for high-resolution virtual reality. It will be announced during a Meta Connect event, which indicated it could arrive sometime in late 2023. What's more, Meta will be working on its own SoC instead of relying on the upcoming Snapdragon XR3 processor. It's set to "focus on a GPU that is better designed for VR loads."

Is an Oculus Quest Pro officially in the works? Only time will tell if Facebook makes the announcement. A new VR headset from Meta will introduce all-new experiences in the metaverse, but if you're still wondering "what's the metaverse?" we've got you covered.

The Quest Pro will have competition as Sony announced specs for its upcoming PlayStation VR2 headset, which boasts OLED displays with 2000×2040 per eye resolution and frame rates from 90Hz to 120Hz. Still, we have yet to see a release date for PlayStation's next VR platform. 

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