Nothing Ear (stick) reveal happening on October 26 — Time to ditch the AirPods?

Nothing Ear (stick)
(Image credit: Nothing)

We’ve seen the design of Nothing Ear (stick) and now it’s time for a full reveal, which has just been announced to happen on October 26 at 10am ET / 3pm BST.

The sequel to Nothing ear (1) brings a refreshed rubberized eartip-free bud design and a brand new cylindrical case. All we need to know now is the price and product specifications, which are all coming at this event.

What do we know already?

We know plenty of details about the design of these earbuds, but nothing specifically about the tech within them. In fact, Nothing has confirmed a lot of our analysis in the event release a company rep sent over to me!

“Ear (stick) are half in-ear true wireless earbuds that balance supreme comfort with exceptional sound, made not to be felt when in use.” Translation: earbuds without the rubberized tip, as we saw in a recent Instagram post (we made a reel about it).

Other details confirmed by Nothing are a “feather-light” and “ergonomic” design to the buds, which are placed “in a unique charging case, inspired by classic cosmetic silhouettes, and compactly formed to simply glide into pockets.” 

As you can see in our reel, this cylindrical case looks far less of a pocket hog than the big slab of the original Nothing ear (1). Not only that, but it has a pretty cool opening mechanism, in which you twist the bottom, to rotate the door open.


Nothing Ear (stick)

(Image credit: Nothing)

As for technical details, Nothing is promising the “next generation of Nothing sound technology” and the company’s “most advanced audio product yet.” What does this mean? All we can do is make an educated guess based on its build and looking at the company’s previous earbuds. 

With these being half-in-ear earbuds, I wouldn’t expect to see active noise cancellation. Looking at the nitty gritty, my prediction would be to see the same 11.6mm drivers in here and a similar size of battery to the ear (1). With ANC, Nothing delivered four hours before, which I’m confident would go past the six-hour mark without this battery-draining feature.

All this and more will be revealed at 10am ET/7am PT on October 26, so keep your eyes locked on Laptop Mag for all the details!

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