Nothing Ear (stick) spotted at fashion show — Our prediction was right!

Nothing Ear (stick)
(Image credit: Nothing)

The Nothing Ear (stick) have been basically confirmed, as the earbuds were revealed at London Fashion week.

Following our prediction last week, it looks as if we were right. Nothing ear (2) is nowhere to be seen and neither is the watch, as the Ear (stick) were spotted on the catwalk.

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Taking the stick

Nothing Ear (stick)

(Image credit: Nothing)

As you can see in the pictures shared from Chet Lo’s fashion show, specific details about the Nothing Ear (stick) are thin on the ground. But there are some details that we can confirm, along with others that have been leaked in a recent Amazon listing.

Two things are for sure — the case is a smaller, cylindrical construction that should make this at least a little more pocketable than the current slab of the Nothing ear (1), and the earbuds have a similar transparent stem design.

Other details that have seemingly been leaked (but not confirmed until Nothing formally announces them) is the fact this is a rubberized eartip-free design, which guns for an area of the market a lot of companies skip. The only question now is what implications that may have on ANC and, most importantly, the price?


Nothing Ear (stick)

(Image credit: Nothing)

More and more, Nothing aligns themselves with fashion to become the definitive aesthetic choice. The company’s design language may be divisive across the likes of the Nothing phone (1), but much like a lot of the…let’s call them interesting outfits on show here, they do get people talking.

As for how they sound, whether they are comfortable and if the battery life is good, that’s something to figure out when we go hands-on with them. 

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