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Monster Hunter Rise updates changes ending, adds monsters

Monster Hunter Rise
(Image credit: Capcom)

Monster Hunter Rise launch has been a success, which isn’t much of a surprise considering the Monster Hunter series is one of Capcom’s best-selling franchises. But Capcom isn’t done yet. Updates are coming and they’re coming fast.

Capcom will be pushing a free title update, labeled Ver. 2.0, that’ll get released toward the end of April. Following that there will be another update, dubbed Ver 3.0, which will launch at an unspecified time. Here’s what’s included in these updates.

What’s in Monster Hunter Rise Ver. 2.0 and Ver. 3.0 updates

Capcom states that there will be several new monsters added in Ver. 2.0, including Chameleos and Apex Rathalos. We’re not sure about the others, but we do know there will be more. Additionally, Capcom will be unlocking the HR cap, which means you’ll be able to see how much experience people really have in the game.

Meanwhile, all we know about Ver. 3.0 is that it will be adding even more monsters (yay) as well as a new ending for the game. Yes, a whole new ending, which is likely tied to a big quest or possibly even the addition of G Rank, which is an even harder difficulty to fight monsters.

Additional updates are typically a norm for Monster Hunter titles, especially with World. And we’re likely to see many crossovers between Capcom games and even games outside of Capcom’s purview. For example, in World, there were crossovers with Final Fantasy as well as The Witcher franchise.

We’re excited to see how Monster Hunter Rise develops throughout the next couple of years and if it’ll be as huge as World was.