Monster Hunter Rise demo is out today - Where to download

Monster Hunter Rise
(Image credit: Capcom)

The Monster Hunter Rise demo is officially out on the Nintendo Switch starting today, it launched alongside a new trailer teasing Wyvern Riding, which lets you capture and ride a Rathalos.

Here's where you can download Monster Hunter Rise when you hop on your Nintendo Switch.

Where to download Monster Hunter Rise

Thankfully, downloading the Monster Hunter Rise is incredibly simple. Just head over to the Nintendo eShop and it should be the very first thing you see in the Featured tab in the shop.

Click on the game, and just under "Proceed to Pre-order" you'll see "Download Demo." Click on that and you're all set. You'll be able to check your download status on your home screen.

When you open the game, you'll be warned that you actually only have a limited number of quests you can partake before the trial is over. In this case, the limit is 30 quests. Online Play will also be disabled after the trial period is over.

If you're going to play by yourself, there's four quests you can partake in: Basic Training Quest, Wyvern Riding Training Quest, Slay a Great Izuchi (Beginner) or Slay a Mizutsune (Intermediate). Playing with friends will only allow you to participate in the two aforementioned hunt quests.

You won't be able to make a character or anything like that in the demo, but you will get to choose your weapon before you set out on a quest. That's pretty much all you need to know about the demo, happy hunting!

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