Meta Quest 2 update brings GPU power boost — VR games will look even better

Meta Quest 2 VR headset
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The Meta Quest 2 is getting a GPU power boost, allowing developers to bring improved pixel quality, performance, and visuals to more VR games and apps — and it's available right now.

In a blog post, Meta announced developers now have 7% more GPU compute power to use on the Quest 2. With this boost, the tech giant states that we can expect improved pixel quality and app performance, along with VR games and app visuals looking even better "without sacrificing resolution quality."

What's more, when it comes to performance, the GPU boost is expected to "improve your ability to leverage higher pixel density without substantially reducing the resolution in order to hit the target frame rate." This means that some of the best Meta Quest 2 games, along with future releases, should offer enhanced visuals and improved performance. 

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The GPU power boost is available in update v49, where developers will be able to use a 525MHz GPU frequency rather than the usual 490MHz. The Quest 2 will automatically increase the GPU frequency when it detects the apps. It's also available on v47, although users will need to put the Quest 2 through a sleep cycle by clicking the power button twice in order for the GPU frequency to be granted.

Interestingly, this update comes over two years after the launch of the Quest 2. However, this isn't the first time we've seen updates offer big improvements to the VR headset. In 2021, it received a native 120Hz refresh rate and wireless PC VR gaming support, along with a selection of other improvements including hand-tracking and more.

Speaking with The Verge, Meta spokesperson David Gordon states claimed that the company took months testing this feature to "understand consumer and develop benefits." What's more, Meta doesn't expect a "noticeable impact" on battery life.

The GPU boost is a welcome update that will hopefully deliver even better VR games on the Meta Quest 2, but we'll have to wait and see if these performance and visual improvements are noticeable. In the meantime, check out our Meta Quest 2 long-term review, along with our thoughts on the latest VR games like Among Us VR

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