This elite Meta Quest 2 freebie could be waiting in your inbox

Meta Quest 2 Elite Strap accessory
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Meta Quest 2 owners, rush to your emails! You might’ve just been granted a free accessory to take your VR gaming to the next level. News is breaking of select users being gifted codes to redeem a free, no-strings-attached Meta Quest 2 Elite Strap.

Is this Meta offloading excess Quest 2 inventory in the run-up to the Meta Quest 3’s launch, or is this a genuinely charitable effort from the company to put smiles on the faces of its audience? Who knows for sure, either way, hurry to your inbox because this offer expires on August 4. 2023.

A strapping freebie

Meta’s gift to gamers was unearthed on Reddit yesterday after user u/claimingmarrow7 shared a screenshot of the email he received inviting him to redeem an Elite Strap for his Meta Quest 2 for free. Meta Support has since confirmed the offer as legitimate, stating that the free Elite Strap offer is a random promo distributed to specific newly activated headsets.

The wording used by support points to existing Meta Quest 2 owners being excluded from the promotional offer, something that’s ruffled a few feathers in the subreddit as users bemoan Meta’s focus on new users over loyal customers.

The disgruntled few

Losing out on a lottery is one thing, but being excluded from that lottery altogether can leave a bit of a sour taste in the mouth. This was the case for some users more than others. “Absolute b******t,” one happy-go-lucky Redditor exclaimed. “I’ve been an owner for years. Never got a free game. How is that fair?” questioned another of Reddit’s cheerful choir.

However, sanity would eventually prevail in some corner of the Meta Quest subreddit as one user would rise from the rabble to rightfully point out: “You’ve not been disadvantaged, you’ve just not been advantaged.

It was at that point that harmony spread across the thread in question and people of all kinds came together as one to sing Kumbaya in unison. The day was saved, and everyone was thankful that while they might not have gained, at least somebody got to enjoy something nice. (Note for editor: How do I properly indicate sarcasm in my writing again?)


A few disgruntled voices aside, the news of Meta dishing out free stuff to Quest owners is great to hear — and could do a fine job of keeping interest in the medium buzzing after Apple’s Vision Pro announcement shot VR/AR headset excitement back into the stratosphere. So, get to work scanning your inbox, and here’s hoping you’re among the lucky few who get to enjoy a freebie on Meta today. 

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