Apple Vision Pro is here and we're never leaving the house — 21 things it can do that'll wow you

Apple Vision Pro
(Image credit: Apple)

The Apple Vision Pro has been in the works for nearly eight years, and today, Cupertino-based tech giant finally pulled the curtains back on its long-rumored mixed-reality headset at WWDC 2023!

Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to $3,500 of pure simulated-reality decadence. I'm talkin' dual micro-OLED 4K displays, numerous cameras and sensors that translate your facial expressions and bodily movements to a mixed-reality world, and more.

Ironically, while Apple boasted that Apple Vision Pro will help users connect with others more closely with an immersive, virtual-reality version of the FaceTime app, the Cupertino-based tech giant is coddling my inner anti-social dream. Thank you, Apple! The more I can digitally connect with people inside this sleek, ski goggles-esque device, the less I have to leave the house. Hallelujah!

Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro (Image credit: Apple)

Without further ado, let's dive into the many features and specs Apple Vision Pro sports that low-key caters to our inner misanthrope.

Apple Vision Pro price

It costs a whopping $3,499!

Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro price (Image credit: Apple)

This is $500 more than its initial rumored price of $3,000 price, whew! We thought $3,000 was pricey, but $3,500 is jaw-dropping. To be fair, however, there are other headsets that are just as expensive, including the Varjo VR-3, which is $3,395. 

Apple Vision Pro release date

No, you won't get any where near the Vision Pro this year. If you were hoping to give it to someone as a gift later this year for the holidays, it's not happening.

Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro (Image credit: Apple)

The Apple Vision Pro release date is some time next year, so unfortunately, you have to be patient and wait until 2024 before you can get your hands on Apple's new AR/VR headset.

Apple Vision Pro: All of its features

1. It runs an VisionOS, Apple's first-ever spatial operating system. Expect 100,000 familiar apps from iOS and iPadOS.

Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro (Image credit: Apple Vision Pro)

2. It delivers a full, three-dimensional interface that can be controlled with your face, hands, and more.

Apple Vision Pro home screen

Apple Vision Pro home screen (Image credit: Apple)

3. People around you can know what you're up to inside the headset by looking at the Vision Pro's face. This feature is called EyeSight. Check out the gallery below and scroll through the pictures to get a better understanding of what I mean.

4. Place apps anywhere you want in AR (overlaid on top of your real-world surroundings). For example, you can experience mindfulness artifacts superimposed in your space.

Mindfulness in Apple Vision Pro

Mindfulness in Apple Vision Pro (Image credit: Apple)

5. There's a reality dial on Vision Pro that lets you decide how immersed you'd like to be. You can be fully inside virtual reality, or you can allow your real-world surroundings to appear instead.

Apple Vision Pro reality dial

Apple Vision Pro reality dial (Image credit: Apple)

6. Browse the system just by looking and using your eyes. You can also use pinching gestures to select and a flicking gesture to scroll.

7. Voice input. Dictate commands inside Vision Pro with your voice.

8. Siri is available, too.  Use Siri open and close apps, play media, and more.

Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro (Image credit: Apple)

9. Safari is awesome on Vision Pro. You can browse through Safari right in front of you. By using a hand gesture that lets you expand the virtual Safari page, you can see all of your tabs individually.

Safari inside Apple Vision Pro

Safari inside Apple Vision Pro (Image credit: Apple)

10. Pull out 3D images and content from your Messages app that you can interact with inside the mixed-reality environment.

Messages app interaction

Messages app interaction (Image credit: Apple)

11. Vision Pro works with with Magic Trackpad and Magic Keyboard and some other Bluetooth-enabled, Apple-supported devices.

12. You can bring your MacBook along, too, just by looking at it. It gives you another 4K display right before your very eyes.

MacBook in Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro with MacBook (Image credit: Apple)

13. You can use FaceTime on Vision Pro. You can join with others in one virtual room. Spatial audio is in effect, too, so you can hear their voices coming from the direction from where their tile is located in the virtual space.

Apple Vision Pro FaceTime

Apple Vision Pro FaceTime (Image credit: Apple)

14. You can collaborate with others on apps, including Whiteboard and other platforms.

15. You can make a digital persona of yourself that is a 3D avatar of your face and can move along with your facial expressions.

Apple Vision Pro Persona

Apple Vision Pro Persona (Image credit: Apple)

16. You can scroll through your gallery from the Photos apps. You can expand or minimize photos to your liking. Panaroma photos, in particular, look stunning.

Apple Vision Pro panorama

Apple Vision Pro Photos app (Image credit: Apple)

17. Play and capture videos from a 3D, spatial video perspective, making them much more immersive than 2D photos. This is Apple's first 3D camera.

3D video capture in Apple Vision Pro

3D video capture in Apple Vision Pro (Image credit: Apple)

18. Watching videos is a cinematic experience. You can scale the videos beyond the dimensions of your room. You can make the screen as big as you want! There is a cool dim that surrounds videos, allowing you to be fully immersed. You can watch 3D movies inside Vision Pro, too.

Watching movie inside Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro (Image credit: Apple)

19. Bring Vision Pro on a plane. It drowns out all the other noise on the plane and you can enjoy your favorite shows, films, and more right in front of your eyes on a massive virtual screen.

Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro (Image credit: Apple)

20. Play Apple Arcade Games like NBA2K23. 100 arcade titles available to play day one. Plus, there is controller support!

Apple Arcade on Apple Vision Pro

Apple Arcade on Apple Vision Pro (Image credit: Apple)

21. Apple collaborated with Disney for some cool Vision Pro-compatible entertainment. Watch The Mandalorian, NBA games, Marvel films, and more from an incredible point of view inside the headset. Disney+ will be available on Vision Pro on day one.

The Mandalorian on Vision Pro

(Image credit: Apple)

Apple Vision Pro specs

Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro (Image credit: Apple)
  • Custom 3-element lenses that allow 4K video, HDR, and fine text at any angle
  • It features personalized sound dual-driver audio pods that delivers ambient spatial audio. The brain is convinced that sound is delivered from all around you. Vision Pro uses audio tracing to precisely match sound to your room
  • 12 cameras
  • 5 sensors
  • 6 microphones
  • Uses the M2 chip alongside the new R1 chip, which deals with real-time sensor interaction.
  • Up to 2 hours of battery life without the battery pack. (Yes, there's a battery back that can be attached to Vision Pro.)
  • Design made from aerospace-grade aluminum materials

There will be a new App Store, allowing you to get as many apps as you want that is compatible with the VR headset. Popular Unity-based games and apps will be available on Apple Vision Pro.

Finally, security-minded users will appreciate that Apple Vision Pro uses OpticID to identify you with your eyes. OpticID is encrypted and never leaves your device. It works seamlessly with Apple Pay, password autofill, and more.

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