Mass Effect is back! Teaser confirms the game will continue original trilogy

Mass Effect Will Continue with a sequel to the original trilogy
(Image credit: EA)

At last night's The Game Awards, a new Mass Effect teaser was the final announcement of the night. We don't know the official titled yet but the game is being referred to as "The Next Mass Effect" on YouTube.

Regardless, this is exciting news for the fans of the original trilogy hoping to revisit some of their favorite characters, locations and relationships.

The teaser opens with a shot of the Milky Way Galaxy, placed right in front of what looks like the Andromeda Galaxy. As the camera inches closer into the Milky Way, we zoom around tons of enormous cosmic objects like stars, planets and moons, eventually coming to a stop as we navigate the debris of a shattered spacecraft. 

We're then taken to a snowy planet as a familiar-looking figure pushes against an intense storm to reach the summit of a mountain. Once the character arrives, they pick up a mysterious object, brushing the snow off its front plate to reveal the iconic N7 logo. The wind blows her hood down and reveals Liara T'Soni, one of the main protagonists from the original trilogy.

It was revealed last month that a new Mass Effect was in development, but we were unsure which direction it would take. This teaser makes it clear that BioWare is working on a continuation of the original trilogy, which is incredibly exciting for Mass Effect fans.

BioWare's latest Mass Effect entry, Andromeda, received mixed reviews and was largely considered a failure by the game's fanbase. As a result, many believed the series was dead or would ultimately go in unsatisfying directions.

To make matters worse, BioWare also developed Anthem, which was, unfortunately, a critical failure and largely lambasted by fans. A new Mass Effect taking place after the original trilogy has the potential to redeem BioWare, and perhaps gives us a chance to see this developer return to its former glory.

It could also mean the opposite, however. BioWare tackling an original trilogy beloved by many could result in an even greater feeling of disappointment if it fails to do anything satisfying with the game's returning characters. However, I'm optimistic. Here's to hoping that BioWare can make the next Mass Effect an excellent one.

Claire Tabari
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