Marvel's Avengers microtransactions aren't cheap: Here's how much they cost

Marvel's Avengers
(Image credit: Square Enix)

The real-world prices of Marvel's Avengers microtransaction currency, or "Credits," has been unveiled. It is not cheap, so be prepared to shell out some cash for your favorite outfits.

Stevivor discovered it in the Australian version of the store. The credits come in packages of 500, 2,000 (plus 200 bonus Credits), 5,000 (plus 1,500 bonus Credits), and 10,000 (plus 3,000 bonus Credits). Here's how much they cost.

Marvel's Avengers microtransaction prices

The prices that Stevivor showed off were in Australian dollars, but it seems like the credits in US currency can be translated to pennies.

So, 500 Credits is equivalent to $5, 2,000 credits is equivalent to $20 and so on and so forth. Here are some good examples of items that Stevivor used that we'll translate to US currency (roughly).

  • Ms Marvel Legendary outfit: 1,400 Credits ($14)
  • Ms Marvel Epic takedown: 1,200 Credits ($12)
  • Ms Marvel Epic emote: 500 Credits ($5)
  • Ms Marvel Rare emote: 250 Credits ($2.50)
  • Ms Marvel Uncommon nameplate: 100 Credits ($1)

The US prices might be slightly different, but not enough to change the fact that you'll be paying a fourth of a game's price for just one outfit. Marvel's Avengers is trying to be like Destiny so much that it hurts.

Hopefully, the proceeds of the cosmetics bought by wealthier gamers will go to quality post-launch content and meaningful updates to combat and multiplayer.

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