MacBook Pro 14-inch pushed back to 2021 (report)

MacBook Pro (13-inches, 2020)
(Image credit: Future)

Right up until the launch of the brand new MacBook Pro 13-inch, rumors that the next revision could see a jump to a 14-inch display, similar to what we saw with the MacBook Pro 16-inch last year.

Well that obviously did not come to pass and now two reliable leakers are suggesting that those waiting for that screen bump will most likely be waiting until at least 2021 (via AppleInsider).

The two accounts in question are the relatively new @L0vetodream and prolific leaker Jon Prosser. While Prosser certainly has a longer track record, the @L0vetodream account has been pretty remarkably accurate with its predictions over the last few months with details on the iPad Pro, Magic Keyboard, and iPhone SE well ahead of the launches. 

The tweets from both were brief, simply "in my dream MB14 next year" from @L0vetodream, and Prosser's reply was "100%." 

If you are unfamiliar with the account, "in my dream..." is the typical framing that it uses for predictions.

This is hardly a reach as far as the timeline goes, Apple rarely releases multiple revisions of its laptop lines in a single year, but it is perhaps encouraging news for those that may have thought the move to a 14-inch MacBook Pro was being scrapped entirely.

If this is borne out, Apple is going to have a lot of changes in store for its 2021 lineup with the rumored move to mini-LED displays for a number of its products and potentially ARM CPUs in some of its laptops

The 14-inch MacBook Pro has often been counted among those that will feature the updated LED tech, as we reported back in March, so a slightly larger screen isn't the only display update to look out for in 2021.

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