Death Stranding PC's photo mode will make you want to replay the game

Death Stranding PC photo mode
(Image credit: Kojima Productions)

Death Stranding PC's photo mode is launching with the game on June 2 on PC, but even though we're three months away, Kojima is wasting no time teasing some of its capabilities.

One of the few critiques I had about the game on PS4 was the lack of a photo mode. Even though I took a ridiculous amount of screenshots of the gorgeous mountainous ranges or the lush greenery that surrounded me at the time, I would have loved to customize those photos to my liking. 

Now photo mode is really coming, and Kojima just revealed what you can do with it. 

From the video that Kojima shared on Twitter, you can customize things like the frame, logo, Sam's pose and expressions, the depth of field, focus, aperture, exposure, contrast, color filters and filter types.

There's also cool foreground settings that can crop the photo in a stylistic way, like in the form of a Polaroid, a Death Stranding hand, or even a movie poster.

In a series of tweets, Kojima briefly talked about how he came up with the idea of the camera in the original Metal Gear Solid, which then appeared in every game that succeeded it apart from Metal Gear Solid V.

Kojima also mentioned something about a "battlefield photo collection contest" in his previous games that let people send images taken in-game. The game designer would like to do something similar for Death Stranding on PC

I already want to start a second playthrough of Death Stranding, and now there is a great reason: to take badass screenshots. If you're eyeing Death Stranding for PC, you'll be able to buy it on Steam and the Epic Games Store for $60/£55/€60 on June 2.

Rami Tabari

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