Death Stranding PC release date revealed alongside hilarious Half-Life content

Death Stranding PC Half-Life
(Image credit: Kojima Productions)

Death Stranding PC is finally here (well, sort of). 505 Games just announced that Death Stranding will be launching on Steam this Spring, June 2, 2020. And that's not the only thing; PC players will be getting some cool Half-Life crossover bonus content.

The big Half-Life content you'll get is a pretty funny-looking crab hat for Sam (see the above image). It's unclear if it actually does anything, and we don't know if there is more Half-Life content apart from the hat.

Along with the Half-Life content, there will be a flurry of new features for PC, including uncapped frame rates, a full Photo Mode with lighting effects and funny faces, and ultrawide monitor support.

You'll also get the same pre-order bonuses you'd get with the PS4 edition, which means a ton of gold gear, like Sam's Sunglasses and his cap. Unlike the console version, the PC game will also offer those items in silver. Additionally, the armor plates and skeletons will be available in gold and silver too.

We're incredibly excited to see how Death Stranding performs on PC. Stay tuned to our full review and tests of Death Stranding when it comes to PC on June 2.

Rami Tabari

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