iPhone 15 release date leak suggests there will be no delays (report)

iPhone 15 renders based on leaked information on a yellow to pink gradient
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The Apple September event is right around the corner, which means we’re weeks away from getting our first glimpse at the iPhone 15, Apple Watch 9, and Apple Watch Ultra 2 among other important updates. However, if you can’t wait until then to know when you can get your hands on Apple’s latest iPhone offering you’re in luck.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, as mentioned in this weekend’s Power On newsletter, has been told to expect Apple to introduce the new iPhone on either September 12 or 13. Not only that, Gurman also claims that the new iPhone 15 will go on sale September 22. 

This lines up nicely with our own iPhone 15 release date predictions, and could also give us a good estimate of when to expect preorders to begin for Apple’s latest smartphone. 

Apple iPhone 15: expected preorder and release dates

The last two iPhone models announced at Apple’s September event (iPhone 13, iPhone 14) saw preorders open the following Friday with the devices going on sale a week later. If Gurman’s sources are accurate, this means that iPhone 15 preorders could begin on Friday, Sept. 15 with the devices widely available a week later on Friday, Sept. 22.

While we don’t yet have word from Apple about the exact date of its September event, 9to5Mac recently revealed that mobile carriers have been asking employees not to take Wednesday, Sept. 13 off due to a major smartphone announcement.

While there are no names mentioned, we highly doubt any other manufacturer would be so bold as to attempt to outshine Apple during this period.


Rumors have swirled about a potential delay in the iPhone 15 release, making this information all the more welcome. It would appear that we can safely expect the iPhone 15 to follow its usual release pattern – though there could still be a dilemma for Apple over the iPhone 15 Pro.

The top-tier iPhones are reportedly facing shortages due to production issues based around Apple’s desire to drastically reduce the size of bezels on Pro models. However, with no direct mention from Gurman about such a delay, we could be looking as a hurdle free release windows for Apple's iPhone 15 lineup after all.

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