iPhone 15 launch delayed? Here are the problems Apple is facing (report)

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The iPhone 15's launch was just a few weeks away. However, if word is to be believed, you could be waiting a little longer to get your hands on one. According to Wamsi Mohan, a global securities analyst at Bank of America, Apple is facing supply chain issues that could push back the release of its latest line-up of phones.

This comes in a research note obtained by Barrons, which details the problems being faced, the potential impact to Apple’s revenue, and a predicted three million unit reduction in sales this quarter.

Supply chained down

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Mohan conducted a wide range of channel checks across Apple’s supply chain and from what he's seen, it’s looking increasingly likely that the iPhone 15 Series will be delayed into the fourth quarter. (Translation: anywhere between October and December.)

While Wall Street won’t be happy, for you, that’s not going to be too much of an issue — given it could be delayed by only a “few weeks” according to his research note.

Unfortunately, supply chain issues could mean you’re not going to see any of the iPhone 15's specs compromised early. However, if the current rumors and leaks are accurate, we're set to see the Dynamic Island across all models, an upgraded periscope telephoto lens on the Pro models, and that new A17 Bionic chip built on a 3nm process.


It seems as if supply chain problems are going to be a lot more of a long-term issue than expected after coming out of the pandemic. That much is obvious, because even Apple and its mighty infrastructure is struggling.

There are, of course, some financial implications too. Mohan is predicting a September quarterly revenue report of $87.1 billion — down from $91.6 billion because of the iPhone-sized hole in Apple’s lineup. But this is not the first time the Cupertino company has faced this problem.

So, don’t worry! Even if this delay happens, it won’t be a long one. Similar to what happened to the iPhone 14 Plus, you’ll just have to wait for a little bit longer to get your hands on it.

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