iPad Pro 2022: 5 rumored features you should be excited about

iPad Pro 2021
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The M2 iPad Pro could be just around the corner at the rumored Apple October event, and there’s plenty to get excited about.

This looks set to be more of a substantial update than a simple spec bump, of which we have pulled out five rumored features that should get you hyped for the latest Pro tablet.

Wireless Charging

According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple looks set to bring wireless charging to the new iPad Pro. The company has been testing this in a couple of ways: either replacing the aluminum enclosure with a fully glass back, or making the Apple logo larger and out of glass, to allow for charging.

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While this alone would be an impressively convenient new development, I can’t help but let my mind wander about how Apple could take this up to 11 with MagSafe. Imagine a docking station being merely a magnetic puck that you mount your iPad Pro onto. The desk aesthetic side of YouTube must be frothing at the mouth at this prospect!

Reverse Wireless Charging

Even more convenient still is the possibility that we will see reverse wireless charging on the iPad Pro. That same Bloomberg report claims Apple has been testing this feature too, which would allow you to charge your iPhone or AirPods by simply laying them on the back of the iPad.

This would be the first device in the company’s lineup to include bilateral charging, which should hopefully open the floodgates for more to get it (maybe a reverse wireless charging-capable iPhone).

New connectors

On the face of it, the iPad Pro’s design language is not changing much from the utilitarian flat-sided frame we know and love. But there are some key differences that may dramatically increase its usefulness in multiple situations.

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This comes courtesy of two new (and rumored) four-pin connectors on the top and bottom of the iPad Pro, according to Mac Otakara’s “reliable sources.” This is one pin more than the three-pin smart connector you find on the current iPad Pro, but one shy of the full five-pin MagSafe connector used on the latest MacBooks.

What does this mean exactly? Well, the most likely expectation is to power a new range of accessories — either doubling the power going into the likes of a new Magic Keyboard or powering two separate accessories at the same time.

A new Apple Pencil (finally)

The last time we got a new Apple Pencil was in 2018. Four years ago. Let this fact sit with you for a while and help you realize that it’s about time for a new one.

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Rumors have been relatively quiet around this, so consider it a prediction rather than a leaked feature. We’re long overdue for a new doodler with improved hardware for shorter latency and a redesigned tip.

The beasty M2 chip

As we have seen in the M2 MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro earlier this year, the M2 chip is a power-efficient monster — tearing through tasks with impressive sustained pace while taking far smaller sips of that battery juice.

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It should come as no surprise that with a new iPad Pro will come a jump to M2, which will increase specs by 20% and power all the newest power user features such as Stage Manager multitasking and a rebuilt external display support that allows you to use your iPad almost like a Mac.

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