iOS 15: AirPods Pro users claim Siri ignores their commands after update

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Apple announced the arrival of iOS 15 on Monday, and many iPhone users rushed to install the feature-filled update to take advantage of the new perks. Unfortunately, Apple AirPods Pro owners are reporting that the newly deployed OS isn't playing nice with Siri.

Typically, AirPods Pro users could invoke Siri to manage active noise cancellation (ANC), but a new Reddit thread is inundated with reports that the new iOS 15 update causes Siri to rebuff their commands.

Siri becomes disobedient after iOS 15 update

AirPods Pro users say that no matter how they phrase their ANC commands, Siri responds with, "I'm sorry; I can't do that" — and this has been happening after they updated their iPhones with iOS 15.

"WTF apple? I know she can hear me fine," the original Reddit poster said. "Anyone know how or why? Or even better how to fix? This was one of the main functions I use Siri for with both iPad and iPhone."

Some Reddit posters responded to commiserate and express that they, too, experienced the same issue. MacRumors confirmed that these reports are legitimate; Siri cannot be used to activate ANC nor Transparency Mode with the iOS 15 update. Fortunately, Apple reportedly solved the issue with the iOS 15.1 beta channel.

Apple hasn't specified when iOS 15.1 will be released to the public, but it's only a matter of time since iOS 15.1 beta was deployed on Tuesday for developers.

In the meantime, AirPods Pro users will have to manually activate ANC and Transparency Mode.

AirPods Pro force sensor

AirPods Pro force sensor (Image credit: Apple)

They can do this by pressing and holding the force sensor on either AirPod to switch between ANC and Transparency Modes.

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