Humble Games Showcase 2022: Trailers for Monaco 2, Stray Gods and more

Humble Games Showcase 2022
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Humble Games Showcase 2022 unveiled several new titles and provided concrete release dates of highly anticipated games. We were excited to see Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical, Monaco II, and Moonscars in this lineup.

Along with the aforementioned titles, the announcements included Coral Island, Ghost Song, SIGNALIS, Infinite Guitars, Chinatown Detective Agency, and The Iron Oath.

Here's everything we know about the games unveiled at the Humble Games Showcase 2022 so far, including trailers and some release dates.

Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical

Humble Games and Summerfall Studios team up to deliver the newly named Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical. Stray Gods is an interactive narrative and musical adventure game created by former BioWare lead writer David Gaider, scored by Austin Wintory, voice directed by Troy Baker, and starring Laura Bailey. Here is a description of the game:

"Stray Gods follows the story of Grace, a young woman whose life is turned upside down after the Last Muse of ancient Greek mythology dies in her arms... but not before passing on a gift. Grace soon finds herself thrust into a hidden world of gods and monsters who live secretly among mortals in a tangled web of loyalties and betrayals. Unravel the mystery of the Last Muse's death in this interactive roleplaying musical, where your choices in songs will dictate where the curtain falls."

Monaco 2

Monaco II is the sequel to Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine, an incredibly popular indie game developed by Pocketwatch Games. According to the developer, Monaco II will test players' skills in "brain-bending" 3D environments, procedurally generated by an AI "mastermind" designed to concoct high stakes challenges and "infinite sneaky, stealy fun."

Coral Island

Humble Games and Stairway Games unveiled their partnership to deliver Coral Island, a farm sim game. Stairway Games multinational team is located in Indonesia. Here is a description of the game:

"Coral Island invites players to be who they want and experience enchanting island living at their own pace — living off the land, nurturing animals, building relationships with a diverse cast of townsfolk, and making the world around them a more vital and harmonious place. Coral Island aims to spread awareness around ocean conservation by building in important themes seamlessly into the core narrative and game loop — all the while keeping it a wholesome good time."


Developed by Black Mermaid, Moonscars marks Humble Games' first ever published title. Fans of the Soulsborne series will immediately recognize the inspiration that the developers have run with for Moonscars. It's a 2D slasher-platformer featuring skill-based combat and a dark fantasy story. I'm hyped to get my hands on this game when it launches on PC in Summer 2022.

Ghost Song

Ghost Song is a 2D Metroidvania-style game that emphasizes its creepy atmosphere and mystery. Humble Games and Old Moon unveiled that in Ghost Song, "players awaken from a long slumber on the surface of the desolate moon of Lorian V where they must explore the winding caverns below to uncover secrets, acquire new abilities and face powerful foes." It looks like another Metroid game for fans of the genre to enjoy.


While we've known about SIGNALIS since 2021, we got some never before seen footage from Humble Games and developer rose-engine. SIGNALIS is designed as a classic survival horror experience full of "melancholic cosmic" mystery. You play as Elstar, a technician "replika" searching for her lost dreams. It gives me some serious Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil vibes. "Investigate a dark secret, solve puzzles, and survive nightmarish creatures while navigating a dystopian, surreal retrotech world."

Infinite Guitars

If you're a fan of rhythm games, you'll love this new rhythm RPG from Humble Games and Nikko Nikko. Infinite Guitars has players dodge through rhythm-based attacks and retaliate with "electrifying Guitar Solos" in a world devastated by a great mech war. "Infinite Guitars features beautiful anime-inspired art, beautiful environments, and a 100% original, jam-worthy soundtrack."

Chinatown Detective Agency

Humble Games and General Interactive Co revealed that Chinatown Detective Agency will launch on April 7, 2022. Chinatown Detective Agency is a mystery adventure game that forces players to do real-world research to solve cases. Players will travel across the world to pursue criminals, witnesses, and clues to unravel a global mystery.

The Iron Oath

Humble Games and Curious Panda Games have unveiled that The Iron Oath will launch on Steam Early Access this April 19, 2022. The Iron Oath is a turn-based tactical RPG "where the fate of your mercenary company rests on your decisions." As the leader of these mercenaries, players need to hire recruits, manage operations, and embark on missions to survive in the "harsh realm of Caelum."

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